Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Congratulations to Republican Official Nominee President Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Congratulations to President Donald John Trump in his official nomination as the Republican candidate for President of these United States.

In some notes in this, Reince Priebus stated he would have fired who wrote Melania Trump's speech being attacked by Hillary Clinton stooges and GOPliters over "plagarism" of Muchelle Obama's plagiarism of every American Populist in history.
Problem with that is this speech was composed by Melania Trump, in these were her own words.

Reince Priebus must go as he has failed in putting the stick about to these state chairs to keep these insane Cruz Cult delegates under control or replaced.
There must be a putsch of Priebus and every last Delegarch to the extreme prejudice after your November victory.

Paul Manafort, was supposed to deal with the delegates. He failed.

Paul Manafort must go in time, but be allowed to believe his roll is secure..

Donald Trump jr. is uninformed in stating that "people" should have cleaned up Melania's speech. The speech was her own, was perfect and if Don jr. can not stop being led around by the Manafort leash, then he belongs behind a teleprompter only reading words cleaned up by his handlers.

Don jr. is not ready for prime time. His response should have been ready with "Melania Trump is the American immigrant dream and her words spoke from her heart and anyone who questions that is a liar".

Finally, Hillary Clinton appeared, not for Black Lives Matter, but to try and get someone to pay attention to her in the light of Donald Trump. Her dinosaur era talking point was Wizard of Oz and stopped being interesting in Hubert Humphrey's day.

Hillary Clinton must go.

Some shadow advice for President Trump. You have left the keys to the kingdom to Newt Gingrich in cabinet review. Reach out to Tom DeLay and Don Rumsfeld to gain their advice to weigh the Gingrich actions.
You are dealing with alternate wings of the Republican Party. Reach out to Michele Bachmann, Dan Quayle, and ask the insights of Zell Miller and Sam Nunn of Georgia.

Mr. President your balance is Trump kinder, Dole and Big Koch all in one balance scale. You are overloaded and to rectify this, the above 6 Americans will provide you a perspective of around 200 years experience.

Those around you have made mistakes for which you would fire them. That is why one never relies on the kinder as one can not fire family. Now is not the time to fire anyone, but it is time to gain the very operational paper which Richard Nixon provided for Ronald Reagan. Let no one know that you are engaged in this and make your final decisions based on the insights of this group, weighed in prayer for what you are moved to, after running this by your best asset in First Lady Melania Trump.

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