Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Listen to Tavis Smiley


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was provided this link today with this:

I’m not exactly on board with his train of reasoning. Your take would be appreciated.

First in this I would explain, that I have not been wanting to hear from Tavis Smiley. I listen to what Mr. Smiley states as he is talking and not screaming as is Cornell West is protesting and not shooting.

The American Black Community in America has been nothing but a managed herd from slavery, to Jim Crow, to Martin King, to Jesse Jackson, to Birther Hussein. They are the tarbaby no one wants and everyone wants to gain profit or power off of.

The Lame Cherry listens to Tavis Smiley because he speaks for the Black  Majority, not militarized nor manipulated by the Obama regime. Tavis Smiley is a successful, educated, self made and rugged individual American. Mr. Smiley is further left center while I am further right, but reasonable assessment is reasonable assessment of a situation, and on this the following comment by Mr. Smiley on this situation defines the entire situation completely.

Obama passed on visiting Minnesota and Baton Rouge to tamp down tensions that were, and make no mistake, are still boiling. A golden opportunity was missed to explicitly say to young black folk that their lives matter too.
Instead, the president chose to once again reprimand black folk in his Dallas speech, and refer to the black cop killer Micah Johnson as "vicious" and "despicable." That description may be apt, but what about the killer cops in the cases of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?
Am I the only one that sees a pattern here? Young black men, angry, armed and aiming at law enforcement. We can call them lone wolves, deranged, cowardly and reprehensible until we're blue in the face. But you know what I call them and many others in their generation? Discontented. Demonized. Disavowed.

Everything Mr. Smiley states is fact. I would have addressed the reality of these Blacks in the modern era have been made war upon to make them a mob, by cartel dope, welfare and aborticide profiteering off of those communities in breaking them.
One only needs to look at the Mockingbird in Obama era tearing down Black icons like Bill Cosby who has been known for years and rewarded by the cartel, to the marginalizing of Tavis Smiley and Cornell West for these MOG's like Birther Hussein and Kayne West, in order to influence Blacks to the condition they are in making them militants again, as policy was starting with Malcolm X to demilitarize this group.

For those who do not understand the code speak which Mr. Smiley demanded of image Obama. Mr. Smiley is not demanding the incendiary "black lives matter", but for the regime to express the American Black Experience, to validate these emotional young males that the White House cares about them. Give people HOPE and that is the change. Martin King had nothing to give Blacks but a Dream and dreams bring change. Blaming people gives them nothing to live up to, except to validate the blame.
image Obama gives more cover to terrorists than it does to Black Americans. 

For those not Black, you have no idea what it is like to be glared at by police every time you appear, no more than a Black understands what it is to be White and blamed for every damned problem in the world. All of this propaganda is designed for Race War. Watch V is for Vendetta sometime, and the theme in that is Race War in America as political war is not enough.
Our police are trained in Middle Eastern tactics of terrorism to shoot first and cover up the murder. That is Mosaad work and every cop in America is programmed for that reality. It helps nothing for Kayne West to be cocking off or Obama committing crimes, so every young hormone stimulated Black male acts out like Treyvon Martin in rage. The same Zbigniew Brzezinski militantization of Muslims is taking place in America.

As I am accused of running a tin foil hat site here, I did inquire of this, and these young Black males are being triggered by this regime in an effort to assist Hillary Clinton by keeping the Black vote democrat, in herding them back off the Donald Trump freedom train.

I have stated it is criminal that the Obama regime, Loretta Lynch and Rahm Emanuel have festered this, with the likes of Mark Dayton spiking this in Minnesota to cause these Blacks radicalized under Obama to strike. This should have had Federal curfews in these cities to make them safe. Nom des Dieu, there are tens of thousands of minders spying us on Facebook and posting things online. Those regime employees should be in Chicago and other cities bringing safety to Black communities so that this entire situation is neutralized, as each of us stops this damned Paul Ryan Chamber of Commerce enslavement of Americans, as image Obama imports Muslims and Mexicans to further bring about the Black Genocide in America which  Planned Parenthood has not finished off.

The Black male in America is psychological target practice for the police state to get the police into a psychology of transference to shoot White Americans like LaVoy Finicum, and that means the Caucasians reading this blog, who think they are so cock sure mouthing off all the time that their names are not already on lists to be dealt with in extreme prejudice.

For Caucasians this matters, because once the police in America have zoned out on Afroids, they are going to keep up the fire on the real target of Caucasoids.

Tavis Smiley is one of the few inroads into Black America which is independent in assessing all of this. This was all constructed to bring America to this, a divided people murdering each other and hating the police.

I have been robbed by the police, glared at by a Hispanic officer and stared down by a speed trap cop. I am serious when I state that Bill Clinton put thousands of police into America, and all it did was create millions of more inmates. That is not protecting and serving, that is serving a gulag feeding it Americans, who should be building their own lives to their happiness.

All of this which we are in, is an impossible maze, and created this way for this result, which is impossible to deal with in this maze.

What Tavis Smiley is telling everyone is what everyone already knows. The Obama regime has provided NO leadership for Black Americans so they feel helpless and without a future, and we can witness this Obama menagerie globally from Bundy Patriots, to Orlando queers, to Muslims in the Mideast, to Chinese warships to Russian nuclear weapons, that this Obama regime has put everything out of balance for those in power who are cropping all of us.

Black lives matter, but the Blacks who are in genocide are not interested in hearing all lives matter, when they see the Obama Nig getting rich, the White cops shooting them to praise, the Hispanics taking their jobs, the Muslims taking their welfare and the Asians taking over their businesses.

No one is going to get a Black to admit they are wrong, until people start admitting that Blacks have been wronged.

- Lame Cherry

That is called detente.