Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cruz in the Water

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The Democrats smell blood in the water in connection with the political suicide of Ted Cruz and they have every conceivable right to expect that they will in an off year election in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, boot Ted Cruz out of the US Senate.

Ted Cruz is crippled financially. The billionaires are through with funding this tar baby. The few gnashing cult members still one the books, are going to be burned out in a few months.

Politically, 2018 for Texas will be the reality of Hillary Clinton pouring everything into the Lone Star to be rid of Cruz or Senator John Cornyn making certain for the Trump Administration that Ted Cruz faces a primary where criminal charges will loom over this Cuban Birther.

Already Democrats such as former State Sen. Wendy Davis, formerly of Fort Worth, and U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio are talking about throwing their hats in the ring for U.S. Senate in 2018.

Wendy Davis has slammed Abbott for not answering whether he would have ...

Those Cruz will be cut down by in a woman and a latin, will easily defeat this Mark of Cain candidate.

As advice to the US Senate, one of their first measures should be an investigation into Mr. Cruz and remove him from the Senate. This then falls to Republican Governor Greg Abbott to appoint the replacement.

Top of that list is former Governor Rick Perry and it is not Jorge Bush......the world has had enough Bush.

The correct choice though would be Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.


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This Ted Cruz suicide attack on the Republican Party is a wound to the 2016 campaigns. By God's Grace, Donald Trump and the T Party should be able to overcome this condition, but once Mr. Trump is President, the same morbid wound in Texas has Cruz a pariah in the Senate, a pariah in the GOP and a pariah in Texas. The sooner that this mongrel is put out of GOP politics, so that a replacement has the opportunity to vote for Trump prosperity and then ride those coat tails into a 2018 midterm victory, the better it will be for the GOP.

It would gall all those involved, but finding Ted Cruz a job in some college as the reality of prosecution for Ted Cruz campaign finance money laundering, with the message delivered that a resignation will take place, would be best, but with this rabid lunatic, who would want to take the chance in Cruz going public and trying to play the victim.

The reality is Ted Cruz is finished. Mr. Cruz will be indicted in some investigation and Mr. Cruz will be facing a primary probably by Rick Perry, and if not Perry, then it will come down to Senator Davis or Senator Castro in 2018.

If Ted Cruz had been real, and not a cartel plant to install Jeb Bush, and then a shill to destroy Donald Trump, this horrid little creature, would be now Vice President and all would be silent about Cruz's Birther status, and he would go down in history, instead of the future he deserves.

For Heidi Cruz, what is her future? Goldman Sachs will not want her, nor will clients. She could divorce this horrid husband and her daughters would be stuck with this pathetic manipulator screwing with their minds in competition with a step father.

Ridicule and scorn are what awaits those girls and Texas is searching for a way to be rid of Ted.

There are just too many people in power who are going to be enjoying watching Ted Cruz be slowly destroyed. Ted Cruz if he had any sense would begging some billionaire to buy a fellowship for him at a University so he could disappear, before the sharks finish him off as they are all chumming the water.