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CRUZLAM: The Wire Fraud Crime of Ted Cruz

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After the expose' of the Lame Cherry on CRUZLAM, in the criminal endangerment of Citizens, Children, Delegates and the Republican Party in the near riot which Mr. Cruz incited in Cleveland, the progress of this is now to bring this to the real prosecutory  crimes which Ted Cruz is indeed guilty of, and should have him immediately thrown out of the Senate by impeachment, followed by the federal indictment of of several thousands counts of violating Wire Fraud.

This is serious and it begins in this quote concerning Ted Cruz from the American Thinker:

In order to receive valuable mailing lists and support from the RNC all the candidates pledged to support the eventual nominee. If my reading of Cruz’ speech which matches that of the audience is correct, Cruz violated that pledge.

For most of us, we do not think of a political party as an entity, like a corporation, which contracts legal and binding agreements with humans, but the Republican Party is just such an entity.

A registered political party is a legal entity and thus can enter into an agreement with a private person if the same is not contrary to its Rules & Regulations. 

When Ted Cruz stood on stage and raised his hand to support the eventual nominee, that was a VERBAL CONTRACT, and it was witnessed by millions of Americans. Whatever the mechanism was with Chairman Reince Priebus, or the other candidates, what followed was the Republican Party entered into a contract with Ted Cruz in which he was paid the use of mailing lists, and promotions from the Republican Party. In short, this is the wedding ring of the contract, whenever money becomes involved or assets, because this is what binds the contract.

While Ted Cruz suggested on Friday night that Donald Trump’s campaign “affirmatively encourages violence,” he said on Saturday that he would still support Trump if the New Yorker wins the GOP nomination.
“My answer is the same,” Cruz told reporters here at a suburban St. Louis high school. “I committed at the outset, I will support the Republican nominee, whoever it is.

Think of it this way. If Ted Cruz goes into a Ford dealership and promises to pay for a car, drives off in it, and then refuses to pay for it, because Donald Trump is driving the same car, it makes no difference in what anyone else is doing, because the car is the property and failing to pay for it, after Ted Cruz promised by actions to pay for it, means that car is stolen.
In short, Ted Cruz took mailing lists to generate money. Ted Cruz took Republican support worth millions of dollars in free publicity at debates for example or Chairman Priebus assisting Ted Cruz as was the case in the Wisconsin primary, and all of the above, became stolen property when Ted Cruz went to the Republican Convention and announced, "I  AM NOT GOING TO PAY REPUBLICANS FOR WHAT I STOLE".

This is quite serious, and in fact Governor John Kasich is in equal criminal legal trouble for his not appearing at the convention to support the Republican nominee, but Kasich is not in the legal trouble of Ted Cruz, because what Ted Cruz did was not just larceny in WIRE FRAUD, but Ted Cruz came back to the Ford Dealership and tried to burn it down, so there was nothing left of the Republican Party to demand payment.

This is one reason Donald Trump was calling Ted Cruz out on Mr. Cruz violating another legality that evening in Mr. Cruz submitted a script for a speech, and then changed it. That is violation of contract again, when Mr. Cruz smeared the Republicans intimating they did not have principles.

So what is Wire Fraud?

The elements of wire fraud are the same as mail fraud. In order to convict the defendant, federal prosecutions have to prove all of the following beyond a reasonable doubt:
  1. A scheme to defraud or obtain money or property by fraudulent pretenses.
  2. Intent.
  3. The making of materially false representations.
  4. Transmission by wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce.

1. By Ted Cruz's actions in Cleveland, confirmed after Mr .Cruz accused Mr. Trump of starting race riots in Chicago, he proved that he was involved in a scheme to defraud the GOP of money and property under fraudulent pretenses.

2.His intent was proven, by what Carly Fiorina blurted out at the same rally, as she joined Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is going to be the nominee,” interjected Carly Fiorina, a former GOP presidential candidate who is now backing Cruz.

Ted Cruz never intended to endorse anyone, but himself, and therefore by Fiorina's statement to be engaged in charge 3, false representations lying to the Republican voters.

4. Ted Cruz conducted his scheme by wire, radio, television and internet, across all state lines. This is important as once state lines are crossed, it becomes a federal criminal matter.

What are the penalties for Federal Wire Fraud?

The venue for prosecution under 18 USC 1343 is basically any district where either the transmission began or ended. The venue statute, 18 USC 3237, provides that venue is proper in any district in which the offense began, continued, or was completed.
Wire fraud is a felony offense under federal law. The penalty can be 20 years imprisonment. However, where the victim of the wire fraud was a financial institution (eg, bank), the sentence is enhanced. In these cases, the sentence can be 30 years in federal prison.

These are the facts and the penalties, in Ted Cruz violating the law, and involving financial institutions, if not the institution of the Republican Party is looking at 20 to 30 years at the minimum. Considering the multiple violations which Senator Cruz was involved in, he could be looking at several thousand years in the sentencing.

This is not the criminal endangerment of life at the convention, where Cruz's own wife and numerous children were on the floor of the arena, with armed security guards, which again is several thousand counts of everything from reckless endangerment to attempted murder, 3rd degree. This is felony fraud by Ted Cruz and as this is visited, by his now accomplices in this crime at sites like National Review, with culprits as Ben Shapiro being reposted in other venues, along with the other provocateurs whose names have been recorded in comment sections across the internet from Facebook to National Review, still terrorizing others in bullying and stoking the reckless endangerment of all.

Every single one of these posts which has already been logged by the FBI in their surveillance must be followed up with prosecution, as those who think they can hide behind glowing screens while accomplices to the Ted Cruz crimes are co conspirators, as complete if they enjoyed a pizza from money paid from a bank robbery, because that is the law.

Ted Cruz can not hide behind a political party, because Ted Cruz violated federal law in defrauding every Republican by theft of mailing lists and use of paid for Party services. His paid minders on the internet are conspirators in these crimes as much as his cult which is still being stoked to bullying for Ted Cruz's crimes by National Review are all over the internet, bleating that Cruz crimes are principled.

For the start of this, Ted Cruz must be immediately removed from the Republican Party. The US Senate must schedule hearings for the investigation and impeachment of Ted Cruz on Wire Fraud charges. The FBI now that Hillary Clinton has been set free, must begin an investigation into the Wire Fraud case against Ted Cruz for federal prosecution.

This is where all of this belongs now, for Ted Cruz was not engaged in politics or protected speech. Ted Cruz knowingly defrauded the Republican Party of resources and then staged a violent attack upon Republicans at the Convention in Cleveland.

It is time for the Prosecution of Ted Cruz.

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