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RADICAL CRUZLAM: The Danger of Cult Politics

Editors Note: Due to the importance of the exclusive content of this Lame Cherry forensic investigation, this is a stand alone post for this Sabbath Day.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is in America, a GOPliter, a group of extremely rich conglomeratists who have their own intelligence assets being funded at publications like the National Review, to promote the protection of their crony capitalists, and their target in 2016 was the outsider Donald Trump, and the recruit whom they activated was a foreign born, Cuban Canadian named Ted Cruz.

In Ted Cruz, they found the ultimate Cruzchurian Candidate who had been sent in to hijack the Tea Party to it's demise from Sarah Palin, and make no mistake about it, in when Harry Reid predicted that the Tea Party would be dead in 18 months, and hit it to the day, that the agent of change leading that party to defeat after record setting electoral wins, was Rafael Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz was launched on a second mission in 2015, and that was to be the straw man defeated by Jeb Bush. Cruz in his sexual and financial deviancy and crime, was to be exposed before the Texas primary, thereby giving 28% Jeb Bush the nomination in a cluttered field. It was only through Donald Trump, that Cruz's mission was changed, and he was to be the stealth political assassin attempting to destroy Donald Trump, and throw the Republican Convention into open contest as was broadcast, whereby a neo Bush would be chosen to "save the party" from Donald Trump and the fringe group of Cruz.

The fringe group of Cruz is a fitting definition, because Robert Mercer created the Cruz followers by the consumer lists purchased from leftist Jeff Bezos of Amazon. From this list and subsequent "polling", the Cruz group of fanatics were chosen, targeted and groomed. This is the Ted Cruz 23% and lessening fringe group, as huge slices of this computer generated group kept fleeing, every time Ted Cruz began some heinous action which offended this group of patriotic Americans who had been manipulated.

All of this came down to the Cruz mission to destroy Conservatives or the Ronald Reagan Conservatives which have been made war against by the Bush family since 1989 in tearing down Mr. Reagan. It came to a head one Wednesday July 20th, when Ted Cruz became a political suicide bomber intent on destroying the Republican Convention in Cleveland, in one of thee most crass and classless displays in world history of betrayal of Americans.

Charles Krauthammer called it the longest suicide note in history, and when Cruz doubled down the next day and started attacking Hispanics, Mr. Krauthammer noted that Cruz had to attach an addendum even longer as this Cruz thing just would not die.

There was much went on behind the scenes in this suicide bombing by Ted Cruz, which most have missed. At the Convention, for plotted effect, Ted Cruz placed his wife into the crowd, in the hopes of making a scene where Heidi Cruz would be accosted. For those who deliberately have been trying to place the blame on this on Donald Trump in the Cruz speech was known. let us never forget in this intelligence operation of the shadows, that Ted Cruz wrote this speech to destroy the GOP, gave this speech to attempt to cripple Donald Trump and Ted Cruz placed his wife into the Convention to be exposed.
As another Lame Cherry exclusive, ponder that for a very long time, in considering what Ted and Heidi Cruz are capable of, in those are armed security which guard the candidates and the family, and Ted Cruz placed his wife into what he knew would be a mob filled with fury.
So this is the reality of Ted Cruz, he literally on that Wednesday night attempted to get some Republicans beat up, thrown into jail or killed by security, for a headline in how "evil Republicans are".

That is the Cruzlamic State and Cruzlam is the danger in America of cult politics, as lethal as the jihad of the Obama regime against Blacks.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter which all of you missed. Ted Cruz has been engaged in open warfare on Americans, and Wednesday night as Ted Cruz became the suicide bomber, the second phase in this did not come to be, due to restraint by Republican Delegates, in they were being set up to be blamed as "beaters of women" to grab the headline to make Ted Cruz the martyr and Heidi Cruz was to be the sacrificial "innocent".
As most of you are unaware, immediately after this Crucizide, Heidi Cruz attempted a meeting with DONORS. The entire Cruz mission was one of blowing up the convention, and then attempting out of blaming the Republican Delegates to gain funding for another operation to follow, in the resurrection of what it appears as, in Ted Cruz 2016.

The next day Ted Cruz attempted to hide behind his violent attack upon Republicans and Democrats, by stating this was about his father and wife. Once again revisit the night of the crime, it was Ted Cruz who brought the bomb to the Convention and it was Ted Cruz who exposed his wife to being assaulted and Delegates murdered or imprisoned. Ted Cruz had this plotted out and once you begin to understand the heinous reality of what Ted and Heidi Cruz engaged in, in this couple endangered innocent children, women and men who were on that convention floor, you begin to understand Radical Cruzlam has absolutely no difference from Radical Islam.

There is more information in this which has surfaced as to the extent of what Ted Cruz was engaged in, because it was not enough for Cruz to blow up the convention, make his wife a sacrificial judas goat, endanger children, smear Republicans, raise money off of it, but Ted Cruz turned his attention to Sheldon Adelson who had a skybox at this arena.
Adelson is the billionaire Jewish donor who backed candidates like Newt Gingrich.

Now ask yourself again, after all Ted Cruz had done in attempting to destroy the Republican Presidential victory against Hillary Clinton, his disdain for Republicans and the Trump family, why would he want a position perched above it all in an arena filled with thousands of people who now hated him?

The forensic psychological reason is, Ted Cruz likes to watch. I realize for normal people they are confused now in wondering what was to watch and what on earth was there to see. The answer is like on 9 11, Ted Cruz after conducting the suicide bombing, wanted a seat where he could watch the victims writhe in the flames of the inferno which Cruz started.
It is sadistic, but it is the reality as we know the entire events as factual. Ted Cruz wrote the speech. Ted Cruz knew the effect. Ted Cruz then wanted a position like god looking down on all the fury he had unleashed of Republicans gnashing on each other.

Does that sound principled? Does that sound Conservative? Does that even sound American to you? That is in reality a person who wanted to watch the Republican party die that night as Ted Cruz enjoyed it all twisting the knife into his victims.

The events of that sky box though were telling, because when Cruz appeared, the invited Republicans in the box went ballistic. A report appeared that a former US Senator was in that box and stated that, "Ted Cruz was a piece of shit!!!", and none of them would have Cruz in their midst.
It became heated as they hated Ted Cruz and a representative of Mr. Adelson then delivered the message to Ted Cruz, to leave as he was not welcome.

I desire each of you to assemble all of this in your mind as to what Cruzlam is, and what Ted Cruz intended that night. If it had not been for Eric Trump, Cruz intended to watch a furious mob inflicting on Mr. Trump, not listening to Newt Gingrich and walking out on Vice President Mike Pence, to complete the Cruz suicide bombing attack that night.
Consider in this that Mike Pence once referred to Ted Cruz as someone he liked. The reality of the Cruz sky box episode reveals without a doubt, that Ted Cruz in complete vindictiveness wanted to watch another American who trusted Cruz, be destroyed by a Ted Cruz knife in the back.
The coup de grace which Ted Cruz intended on that Wednesday night was to destroy Mike Pence as Vice President of these United States.

This does not stop here, and it goes back to the former US Senator calling Ted Cruz a "piece of shit", because this is the outside the box finale which Ted Cruz intended to succeed with in his suicide bombing. This all was beyond Donald Trump, because what Ted Cruz fully intended was a complete destruction of the Republican Congressional tickets in all of your states and communities.

This is where this all cuts to the bone, your personal bone, due to the reality, what Ted Cruz intended was to shatter Trump Pence, and the resulting shockwave would have spread to every Republican race this autumn. It would have been a non stop issue of, "Do you agree with the violence the GOP inflicted on Ted Cruz in rewarding them or wait until 2020 with Ted Cruz" from the entire Washington Post propaganda leftist media.

Ted Cruz intended to destroy the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and every Republican in your State. Ask yourself what would be the net result of this then?

In the Senate, senior members would be gone, and Ted Cruz would rise to leadership in the minority ranks with the help of leftists, as Ted Cruz was not facing re election. Mitch McConnell would be blamed, and in this meltdown at ground zero, Ted Cruz in this billionaire elites would then be able to promote only their cronies who would owe Ted Cruz, as a fiefdom of politics would form in America, as Ted Cruz would rail against Hillary Clinton in the White House for four years and eliminate all rivals for the Presidential nomination in the GOP.

When one examines Cleveland, it was a scene of a crime, and the criminal was a homicidal maniac named Ted Cruz. So you remember all of this as your read the propaganda headlines from the Cruz Cult, as to exactly what Ted Cruz engaged in at the Republican Convention, because it was not just at Donald Trump. It was at the innocent Delegates there. It was at your Republican representatives in your State and the National theater, and it was against you, because how many of you can survive four more years of Obama's 3rd term in Hillary Clinton and not be made an enemy of the state or be rationed death in Obamacare, which is what would take place as Cruz eliminated all rivals as his agenda has always been to use the US Senate as his step to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I Choose Ted
Jonah Goldberg

In this, I call upon coming Attorney General Chris Christie and the Attorney Generals of the States of Texas and Ohio to begin a reckless endangerment felony investigation on Senator Ted Cruz, with a full knowledge of the cause and expected results which Ted Cruz expected, for the facts can not be denied. Ted Cruz brought a bomb to Cleveland, set it off, intended to watch the victims, with full knowledge that what he did would destroy Mike Pence immediately, Donald Trump the next day, all Republicans in November and all of you in the next four years, for Ted Cruz's criminal political manipulations.

This is Radical Cruzlam and it is as big a threat to Americans as it is to the world in carpet bombing the Mideast. Radical Cruzlam is the evil of Radical Islam in America, as unleashed by the Cruz Cult.

What was rumored to have been the crime of Rafael Cruz's involvement in Dallas 1963 against John Kennedy, was an actual operational reality of Ted Cruz in Cleveland 2016, as Cruz attempted to decapitate the American Government for those cronies in collusion with the Cubano Canadian, Rafael Ted Cruz.

Rumored like father, reality like son. Ted Cruz leader of Radical Cruzlam

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