Tuesday, July 26, 2016



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am saddened in watching Bill Clinton at the DNC.

I honestly knew the Republican Convention was subdued until the Trump's appeared, but the entire feel of this Democratic Convention is comatose. Bill Clinton's performance is not Bill Clinton. What is taking place at this convention is "politeness" as in listening to your geezer Aunt you are forced  to visit in the old folks home.

The electricity is gone from Bill Clinton. He sounds home spun in funky tales of Hillary in college and the "Hillary memory lane" which is like watching boring home movies........and about the time Bill got to the point of he is asking Hillary to marry him, and the story goes on touching how Hillary changed the world in visiting little black boys in men's prison, and Mexicans registered in the 60's might be still alive and cripples.

This reminds me of what a Baptist revival sounds like without the band.

The life of this DNC convention went out the door, when the Sanders voters walked out.

To think, this shaking hands, hoarse voiced old man is ..........even with applause signs in a 100% Clinton voting block, is just sad.

We honestly are watching the death of the Clinton political campaign o 2016. Bill Clinton brought up dead friends who died that day, and his dead father. Death is on every person's mind and you can feel it in the air. The PBS NPR pro Hillary commentators are even subdued. Mark Shields and David Brooks were eager to trash Donald Trump, but are somber in not wanting to discuss Hillary Rodham Clinton.

They all know. They are all sitting there wanting this all over.

I wonder in all the women that Bill Clinton raped and attacked, if this is the reckoning they have hoped for, as this is a long slow tortuous death, and Hillary Clinton, their attacker is receiving an international humiliation.
I do not know why Bill Clinton reminded the world that he was beat by Ronald Reagan's revolution in throwing him out of office or why he had to tell the world that "Hillary has been around a long time". There are things one never says in speeches and Bill Clinton kept saying them like a doddering old fool.

For Democrats, it would be best to pronounce this Hillary Clinton campaign room temperature, and allow Bill Clinton to pose for photo ops at the White House with President Donald Trump, pretending he is an elder statesman, so we could close the book on this fiction, before we have to bury these Clintons as they would not last one term, and Americans do not need that burden to deal with too.

The DNC is dead and everyone is whistling over the grave and the left is pretending the buzz of the flies begins tomorrow.