Tuesday, July 26, 2016

That pain and itch associated with Hillary Clinton

Another gorgeous on the outside Sanders voter with pouty lips
upset that mistress Hillary took daddy Bernie away again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I almost feel sorry for the Bernie Sanders voters, at least the smoking hot chicas with daddy complexes, but after reviewing the Sanders primates locked out of the DNC today, and let to rampage through Philadelphia, I can understand why Hillary Clinton stole the election so easy from Bernie Sanders, as these photos say it all, beginning with the one of Sanders supporters sticking their faces up to fences to get maced by the cops.

Seriously that is a DO NOT DO THAT activity.

This primate just deserves no respect. I mean her expression in having sex with a wood door had me laughing for sometime......seriously, open the gate and walk through as cunt splinters hurt and is why they switched from wooden dildos to latex.

Apparently the Sanders primates are well trained. Just put up a pen and the environmental police force simply can take a donut break. Explains why liberals get their nethers raped and bodies driven over by Muslims in Europe.

Lastly, apparently the Sanders primates were taking advantage of free public vaginal exams as voting for Bernie was over and voting for Hillary was out.

Life in the day of a Bernie Sanders primate after the pain and itch associated with Hillary Clinton.