Thursday, July 21, 2016

Donald Trump leader of the American Exiles

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am amused at the liberals who do not understand Donald Trump in those like Mara Liason calling him a "one man band". The Republicans who spoke at the Convention were Republicans who made liberals uncomfortable to the extent that the fraud talking heads are worried that when Hillary Clinton is locked up, they will be the next criminals to be locked up.

I desire to point something out in the names George Washington, Andrew Jackson, US Grant, William Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.
Do you know what these names all have in common? They were men of personality following. Each of the above transcended their parties to epic proportions, as they took the party from those in control of it, and gained control of it.

The reality television before television was men who led. Washington led a Revolution. Jackson led in routing the British in 1812. Harrison broke the Indian terrorists of the northwest. Theodore Roosevelt was the Spanish American War hero. FDR grabbed the fears of the American mob in the Great Depression. Ike was the European war hero. Nixon was the voice of the Silent Majority. Reagan was the voice in the wilderness and Donald Trump is the voice of the American exiles.

If you notice something in the "Cult of Personality" that America achieved greatness.

  • Washington established America
  • Jackson divested America of a central bank
  • Harrison established the central bank
  • Roosevelt established the global Navy
  • Roosevelt established the welfare state
  • Eisenhower established the social conglomerate prosperity
  • Nixon established detente
  • Reagan ended the Cold War

Would anyone term these Cult of Personalities a bad thing for America?

Examine what party men have done in well intentioned leaders as Lyndon Johnson and  George W. Bush, who inherited wars and expanded the social state with party backing, which Americans when offered an alternative rejected both parties.

All of this cult of personality smear is about those who want the alternative, whether it is the withering Ted Cruz cult or the Clinton cultus failing. The media is fearful of Donald Trump, because their entire CIA funded Mockingbird meal ticket which has been protecting them in their propaganda crimes.

If one examines the above group, most of them were the anathema of those in the coastal ivory towers, and absolutely were disdained by the elite cult.

That is what is missing in this, as it is always the Cult of the Elite which fears the Cult of Personality, because there is real definition of this, in the above were all Nationalist Populists reflecting what the American People were moved by in that age.

All of the above were elected by the American majority, because that majority had become exiles inside their own nation. That is what Donald Trump is the chosen leader of. Donald Trump is leader of the American Exiles who are facing Genocide as certain as from British troops in 1776, Indian terrorists in 1811 and nuclear genocide in 1980.

This is who Donald Trump is, the leader of exiles who want to come home to America, which has been stolen from them, by insiders, conglomerates and traitors.

Exiles who want to come home to their country and this is the group of Patriots, not some cult, following a personality. These are Patriots looking to the leader they have chosen, the American Donald Trump.