Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz: End of the Political Bastard

Ted Cruz on Day 2 Blows up the Smithereens of Ted Cruz carpet bombing Himself

Ted Cruz stands by refusal to endorse Donald Trump after ...

Ted Cruz on Thursday strongly defended his refusal to endorse Donald Trump during his Republican National Convention speech, saying he's not "in the habit ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this on Ted Cruz, because I am not going to allow this refuse any opening to try and come back after his pariah performance at the Republican Convention which was an insult to every one.

As I examined that disaster, I still am stunned, and wonder where was Heidi Cruz to tell her husband this was not a good idea. I knew immediately when Scott Walker endorsed Donald Trump, that Ted Cruz was going to look horrid, no matter what Cruz did, because it would only be ME TOO in endorsing or he would look like a prick if he did not endorse.
I simply did not conceive that Ted Cruz was so deluded, that he honestly thought the Delegates at the Convention were waiting on his every word and like some Paul Wellstone funeral, the crowd would start screaming at Jesse Ventura or in this case Donald Trump to repent.

Ted Cruz is a sociopath and proved it. He is also delusional by what took place in Cleveland, for he thought everyone really did want him, in a room filled with delegates who did not want a convention fight and who want to nominate Donald Trump, and get him elected to be rid of Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz's speech should have been one of the greatness of America, a vision, and not using a little girl's grief in invading her privacy in her father being murdered. It should have built to greatness and emotional high, and then in quiet, he should have uttered the following Lame Cherry script:

This has been a bruising campaign season and there are personal wounds in all of us. This is not over as we know what the Clintons and the media are capable of from past experience in Ken Starr to Kathleen Willey.
It takes time to heal, but I know that all of you as Patriots will vote your conscience, and come November, we will all be there to defeat Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

If Ted Cruz had simply hired the Lame Cherry for a few million dollars, I would have saved his ignorant, self serving political ass, and Mr. Cruz would now have the "understanding" of the left wing media, have this still tied to Donald Trump, and be positioned perfectly to inherit what would come in crumbs from Mr. Trump in winning, or taking up the Trump mantel for 2020.

Instead Ted Cruz is Pariah 2.0 and has reached his political oblivion.

Ted Cruz has no place in the Senate. Ted Cruz has no place in Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump's governing or rule. Ted Cruz can not even be Richard Nixon in going out and campaigning for other Republicans to gain political capital as in 1966 to assist Mr. Cruz in 2020 or 2024, because now every Republican candidate will avoid him like the plague he is.

This is political oblivion and Ted Cruz caused this. Ted Cruz humiliated his voters and the Constitutional Conservatives. Ted Cruz can not build from this as his billionaire backers will drop him, and the angst voters have against him now, is going to shun his followers, so they will all leave this self destructive politician.

All Ted Cruz had to do was hire the Lame Cherry, and I would have made him glorious for 7 million dollars as a fee. It was so simple, and that is the reason I post this, to expose hopefully for the final time, how absolutely stupid Ted Cruz is. Bill Clinton or Donald Trump would have never made this blunder, because they can feel the crowd. All of the signs in Cleveland were going against Ted Cruz, including the God omen of Mr. Trump's jet shadowing Cruz's bribery gathering, and Ted Cruz and his entire delusional cult could not see this, nor how to craft it to their benefit.

I am not sorry to have God rid the political world of Ted Cruz. I simply would have liked the 7 million dollars, but at least now the world can see by the above Lame Cherry paragraph, that is what should have been said and there would not have been any booing nor end of Ted Cruz's political career.
That is what God given Inspiration is. I could have saved Ted Cruz for a fee worth my time. Quite a small fee when one considers that Goldman Sachs is probably going to buy out Heidi Cruz's contract to be rid of her and Mrs. Cruz today is probably thinking of filing for divorce. 

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