Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feedback to Donald John Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dear Mr. Trump,

Respectfully Sir, if your campaign has anyone listening yet, and the Mike Pence situation is a flotation device, you are aware of the burden this is, and how .........well Mr. Trump, the following note very much sums up the feedback on Mike Pence, with starting out with AT LEAST IT WAS NOT NEWT GINGRICH. Meaning those you have been dancing with are not the types you would bring home to Mother.

Hello again,

Writing quickly...

Drudge's headline is misrepresenting the story it links to on the NY Slime, which only says the campaign has signaled picking Pence. Barring me being blind or stupid (hope neither one), I can't find an official announcement/confirmation. God willing, this is just him playing the media for publicity again, and not being dumb enough to listen to the Princess again.

She really disappoints me with how out of touch with reality she can be, and the boys ain't much better.

In any case, His Will be done, and bless you for all your work in this. I have to agree with Captain Kirk though, please take care of yourself, LC. TL, play her some good music to put her to sleep! :D

Besides the above advice in putting me down with good music instead of a shot of synthetic opium, which I have not heard of in veterinary circles, but now am phobic in I will only listen to bad music, I agree with it as does every one of the Trump supporters. (I have to tease Richard.)

Teasing except for the reality that no one likes Mike Pence. It gets bad when Mark Belling decided to talk about Tesla cars being dangerous, as no one outside of Catholic Democrat Mrs. Pense's ovaries knows who this statue is.
The main issue in this Mr. Trump in feedback is while Mike Pence does not really hurt you Sir, the reality is Mike Pence does not help you at all. Mike Pence is ......well like winning a side of beef at bingo and you are stuck trying to figure out how to get it home in the trunk of your Ford.

So that is about it Mr. Trump. I know you adore your children, but I know that in Scotland at the golf course, you have doubts about the babies ruining things. At this moment Sir, everyone loves Melania and wants to erect monuments to her, but these tykes of yours are...............well read the story of Rehoboam in the Bible when Solomon slept with his fathers, and understand the stupid advice his young bloods gave to him which tore the 10 Tribes from him.

Look, we want to love these kids. Don hunts. Eric hunts. Ivanka makes babies. The problem is they have no shit under their fingernails existential experience with real Americans who will never go to New York and hate the dumps cities are in cesspools of all the reprobates flushed from the country who could not make it.

So now the Trump campaign has feedback, as it sounds like the sound of silence in a disappointing groan, except for those who want to destroy the Trump campaign and elect Hillary Clinton..........and Hillary is just cackling over this as she is going to start out with Pence being a fag hater and that is going to be all you are going to be talking about in how much Mike Pence celebrated over Orlando.

This is the big leagues and your big league advisers are from the dinosaur era. It appears Mr. Trump that you do not have any people around you any more who are American, and it appears you have numbers of people pissing on your leg and Ivanka is telling you it is raining.

One more time, think Jamie Beutler, as you need LADY to offset the Shemales of Hillary and her snatch.

Pretty is 15% of the vote in any election and your fat white boys are not pretty. The Vice President needs to be a solid rocket second stage booster as a woman would be like who I have suggested, and not a fizzle dud as Mike Pence is.



If you need to have this explained to you Mr. Trump, EVERY BLESSED VOTER of yours is like a mule stopped dead in their tracks at this moment and they ain't gonna follow you willing one step further.

Tick tock Donald John, as you got till morning to fix this, or Cleveland has you moving forward dragging an empty lead rope.

This is not about you Mr. President Elect. This is about Jesus and that Throne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His Throne in America.