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I appreciate violence when it is proper. The events of Nice France though reveal that the Obama terrorists are learning.  Granted it is not a complete operation, but breaking down a terror act to an indefensible position for 70 dead, it certainly keeps image Obama from prancing around ranting about gun control.

The reason this is all amplifying now is I contacted the Ohio Governors office in the correspondence below to John Kasich's press office, and received not a reply before publish time, so one can ask why is it that Cleveland PD is standing down, their politicians are leaving Cleveland wide open, and why is it John Kasich does not have Ohio State Police and the National Guard on public display to inform the world that one does not come to Cleveland intent on trouble.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

I manage a conservative blog, and am writing to inquire of what roll the Governor's  will take in security for the Cleveland Convention next week?

My reasons for this inquiry is stories have been published that Cleveland is allowing expanded protests around the convention center, and last evening on a fringe media program of Jeff Rense, there was a definitive report of the guests speaking about protests involving Molotov Cocktails, and what particularly was disturbing to me, was they referenced the protestors had plans to attack the horses which the police were mounted on.

In checking the background on this story, I did indeed discover that Cleveland has a celebrated mounted force for crowd control. So that is what I am specifically asking about Mr. Andrews is if the Governor has taken steps to involve Ohio State Police and is going to deploy the National Gaurd? It is simply inexcusable to place innocent animals into a situation like this, where the reference was these horses were going to be deliberately assaulted, when riot control, Hummers and fire engines with water cannons which could be brought in could peacefully interdict a situation which has proven in the past months dangerous for Republicans attending events, and said venues where attempts were made to break into rallies.

So if you could assure my readers that everything is being done to secure Cleveland and most importantly that the Governor would make absolutely certain that if the Cleveland mounted police were deployed, that they would be protected behind other levels of riot control, I would appreciate it in this subject being addressed.

In addition, the guests indicated that the protests they were speaking of, were designed to keep nominee Donald Trump from Cleveland due to the dangers and he would have to stay in New York.

For the answers I am seeking, it does not matter if this is fringe media, because what matters in this, is what was laid out was a logical operation for an anarchist  group to use Molotov's and to do something heinous like assault innocent police animals, all to keep Mr. Trump from the convention. The lesson of Chicago 1968 which was a disgrace and a humiliation to that city, Democrats and America is something which must not be repeated in Cleveland.

So this is the basis of this inquiry. This information request will be printed on my deadline by the end of the day and the Governor's office response or non response will be noted for this article.

Thank you.

 So lezbo Ann Coulter is now furious with Donald Trump.

Ann Coulter furious with Trump

The Americans who made Donald Trump now are standing dead in their tracks, watching Mr. Trump and the children walking off with Mike Pence into the sunset.

What do you consider Cleveland is going to be now without the cover for the Republicans?

Will the Afroid be pussy? Will the Islamist be inspired? Will some PMS bitch go SUV on the streets of Ohio?

I just do not know for sure if all those Hillary Clinton voters in Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz are really in danger, but then it is not like they are going to be picking SUV grill out of their teeth like them poor French mutton.

The way this pans out is you got the bad mojo aura now operating, the non natives evolving and the entire Cleveland landscape auditioning to be painted crimson.

From Paris with Love.


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