Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For the Blood of LaVoy Finicum

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The following in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter is the reason LaVoy Finicum's blood was soaked into Oregon soil for Hillary Clinton and image Obama, and a layman's explanation of the fuel supply which will solve all of America's electrical needs in the near future, and something President Donald Trump will be suggested he place on a crash course for upscale development, as the technology was proven by Americans in the 1950's.

The subject is Thorium, which for base understanding, let us call a material which can be made into a radioactive isotope in order to produce a safe, clean and little to none residual radioactive debris which the current fast breeder reactors produce.

The pioneer of this was Alvin Weinberg of the Oakridge National Laboratory of nuclear sciences. I will do a simple explanation for those who do not desire to get lost in the mechanics of this nuclear power plant.

Weinberg had operational 2 Thorium test reactors, meaning these were working models, and not a theory of what might work. Meaning they were self generating which I will explain later, meaning they would in heat transfer create the steam to power a turban which would  produce electricity.

Alvin M. Weinberg pioneered the use of the MSR at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. At ORNL, two prototype molten salt reactors were successfully designed, constructed and operated. These were the Aircraft Reactor Experiment in 1954 and Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment from 1965 to 1969. Both test reactors used liquid fluoride fuel salts. The MSRE notably demonstrated fueling with U-233 and U-235 during separate test runs. Weinberg was removed from his post and the MSR program closed down in the early 1970s, after which research stagnated in the United States.

The following is the simple explanation of how the Thorium reactor works. Thorium is a natural element,  4 times more abundant than uranium in the soil. In fact, Thorium can be found in most of the western United States in quantity, and in concentrations in Oregon, where LaVoy Finicum was murder for.
Bill Gates has been pushing development of these reactors, as have the Chinese. Oregon alone has 52 trillion dollars in Thorium.

There are two types of nuclear reactors, the fast breeder, which created radioactive waste and the Thorium breeder. The fast breeder creates the material for nuclear bombs, and that is why President Richard Nixon fire Alvin Weinberg, as one can not defend  America and make money in the conglomerates, if you have clean Thorium reactors.
The fast breeder creates out of uranium, plutonium which is bomb making material as a bi product of the electrical energy produced through steam heat.

The Thorium breeder though is unique in, Thorium does not have to be "refined" to nuclear material. What one does is concentrate Thorium, and then put it into a reactor where the nuclear exchange breeds it into a Thorium which is a nuclear fuel.

Once this begins, one simply adds new Thorium, and the reactor breeds it into nuclear fuel.

This Thorium when "spent" then is different isotopes and can be daily separated out and dealt with, and in a number of parts reintroduced back into the reactor.

Basically, with correct safeguards, there are no 3 Mile Islands, Chernobyls or Fukashima's possible, as Thorium is not a fast breeder and if some disaster arose, there is not going to be present the "hot" uranium and bi products as Fukishima is plagued by.

I am not here to condemn Richard Nixon on his choices, but we all know that every President gets choices made for them or they end up in Watergate or the brains blown out in Dallas. In the Nixon years, there was great pressure for nuclear testing in Nevada, which infuriated Howard Hughes who lived there and turned these two allies against each other in Nixon and Hughes.
You can not defend America from a nuclear war, if a bunch of pinkos discovered that there was clean nuclear fuel available and the peaceniks were all with KGB money screaming for dismantling the American nuclear reactors.

The world is now in a different era, and this fits exactly into the President Donald Trump plan of clean energy. I have posted about the National Coal Reserve to get coal mining States out of the Obama Super Depression and building clean coal plants. I now suggest the same transitional reserve in America not only begin building at least 50 clean coal plants, but design these coal operations to be able to convert readily to Thorium.

There is no need to threaten job position in poising coal miners losing jobs eventually to thorium miners, because as power plants can be converted by design to be both coal and thorium, then miner who are mining coal can as easily mine thorium. Thorium is all over the place, so as America begins the National Coal Reserve, there should also be a National Thorium Reserve to fuel America and the world.

Literally Thorium will make America the Mideast of energy to the 23rd century.

There is a bright future for America under President Donald Trump. The blood of LaVoy Finicum will not be allowed to be forgotten, as his blood will stand for the free American People, and not for the conglomerates who seek to steal American Thorium to exploit all of us, as oil exploits us. The knowledge is there and is by the Lame Cherry being made public as National Policy for the next 300 years.

There is not any need for radioactive waste. No need to produce more nuclear material for bombs, as with pulse weapons which strike like nuclear detonations, the nuclear bombs can be the dirty deterrent, and we can work to a clean cheap energy world free of dirty wars.

From LaVoy Finicum's blood to the Trump White Paper on the National Thorium Reserve.

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