Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is Outlaw USA


 Home of the Selfie, Land of the Depraved

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is illogical to become emotional in the corrupt Obama regime, corrupt House investigations, corrupt Justice Department, corrupt media and corrupt FBI to allow another series of Hillary Clinton crimes to unpunished. The entire American system is more rotten than Pyongyang, because at least in North Korea there is an absolute justice from Kim Jong Un, and in America there is not any justice.

Liberal cheered and Conservatives remained silent when the Gregory Bretzing FBI set up Oregon State Police to murder LaVoy Finicum, and taxpayers paid bonuses to every criminal there.

One does not need to go down the list from Benghazi to the last Clinton associate with the Chicoms who was "strangled" by a bar bell in his home, as he was about to testify. The Clintons are criminal as much as Paul Ryan is a criminal associated of the Obama regime for Big Koch. There is nothing but corruption in America from top to bottom, and that includes your worthless State regimes to your worthless county commissioners. They are all crooked and the entire system protects their criminal subterfuge.

History teaches one thing, and that is why Rush cuckerboy Limbaugh and his Big Koch lot, never utter the words, in the only thing that stops corrupt regimes is Samuel Adams tar and feathering or the French ala lantern. Tarrring and feathering gets the federal troops to respond to confiscate your arms, and that leads to Bunker Hill and piles of Americans dead, and it ends in America throwing out all the Tories, local lynch mobs clearing out the rest and when it came to France, the mob slaughtering everything political to everything in the police state.

So let us please just be honest here in all of this faux indignation. Except for Donald Trump who is going to be destroyed literally with his family if he does not win in November, no one has right to be spouting off about how outrageous this is with Hillary Clinton, because all that "outrage" only made Rush cuckerboy a billionaire and Rupert Murdoch a multi billionaire castigating the Clintons as Paul Ryan is making his millions pretending he is an American.

The Grande Inquisitor James Comey is the Grande Enabler. Yes all the propaganda about Comey resigning, about all of this FBI fury.........fury over Loretta Lynch getting a job in Hillary's regime........is as fraud as Darrell Issa promising to indict Obama if we re elected him and the GOP years ago, and as fraud as this Trey Gowdy clearing  the way for the FBI to declare another Clinton criminal conspiracy legal.

The American mob in millions do not and will not rise up in mass to form a lynch mob, die for their outrage, so let us all just calm down as your being genocided is what you desire. Let no one be stupid enough in feeling helpless to act alone, because all that will do is get you the Omar Mateen treatment. This would require millions doing what the French did and that is not going to happen. It is all talk as that is what American are is talk as they cheer some Sarah Palin on rationed death or boo her on Ben Shapiro RATS.

Wiki Leaks has her emails, and we are supposed to believe that the Russian’s, Chinese, Iranians, North Korean’s and ISIS never saw anything on her unsecured server. This is just too good. Hillary supporters will ignore it, but the undecided, independents won’t and believe or not, six percent of the populace determine the election.
So uhh…this looks like she wanted something sensitive sent as non-sensitive doesn’t it? You can search for more information,

So I suggest you just stay home, cuddle your guns in your illusion on the right and cuddle your smart phone on the left in your delusions on the left. We will have to wait for some Act of God combination drought, massive earthquake, terrorism and Wormwood to make the mob hungry enough to wander the streets and the police state retreating to protect their donut supply.
So do not delude yourselves, this is going to take all 50 States uprising as it required all 13 Colonies to Declare Independence or it will be States pitted against each other.

Donald Trump wins and keeps alive by God's Grace, you have a political chance to rectify things somewhat. If it is Hillary Clinton, just accept you exist in the United States of Sodom and Police State of Gommorah and stop being disappointed as America died long ago, and you are insane for thinking a different outcome will ever take place in this corrupt American regime.

It simply is not in you 21st century Americans to be 1776 Americans in killing off and driving out one third of your population in real blood lust, like the French in their Revolution. That is the reality in Criminal America and none of your rich Ted Nugents or rich Mark Levins are funding their own Nathan Beford Forest militias, because they get paid to talk and earn money in raging for each of you.

Now go back to your swiping and feeding on the Facebook moggery that you matter or at least go outside and take a walk in your gulag so someone at Homeland can masturbate over your video feed.

This Outlaw USA.