Thursday, July 7, 2016

Free Like Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is there any difference between an email or a Facebook post?

I mean in FBI surveillance things. I will explain in this by mentioning there is a horde of Americans, no horde must be a large that is like breakfast at Tiffany's.......I know, there is this group of Patriots out in Oregon or Nevada, and they are in jail without bail for things  they put online......not the clothes line, but like Facebook online.

You get the point with the following headlines.

 So then there is this Hillary, traitor.....yes that is the definition, Hillary Clinton the traitor, who actually violates laws, brags about murdering Khadaffi and she is butch ugly. Not that, that is a crime in this Obama world, but then come to think of it neither is being a traitor, a law breaker or someone who has people murdered.

It is just that LaVoy Finicum for example, FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing has the Oregon State Police set up for murdering him and while there were not Oregon police in the Clinton interview, so maybe that is why she was not gunned down, but all the same, there was not one Congressional hearing about dead LaVoy Finicum, no nothing really........except of course everything used against Ammon Bundy and others used against them, and for Hamrod there was an Obama Air Force One jet trip.........oh and attacking Donald Trump for saying that Saddam Hussein killed bad terrorists well.

I wonder if this James Comey ever said to Gregory Bretzing, "Listen Bret, that LaVoy Finicum never admitted to anything, and his story matches the story, so be a good sort and just let LaVoy go and not fill him full of bullets."

I just do not get it, in what makes Hillary Clinton's computer so friendly to the FBI and LaVoy Finicum's so unfriendly.

If we all knew this FBI secret, then we all could be free like Hillary Clinton and riding around in Air Force One.