Thursday, July 7, 2016

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am watching the racism of Minnesota in the shooting of Philando Castile, where the white moron liberal Governor Mark Dayton was lynching the police in saying if Phil was white, he would not have been shot, while reaching for his gun at a traffic stop.

LaVoy Finicum.

I apologize for educating Mark Dayton who told white people to get the hell out of Minnesota if they did not like Dayton importing all these Obama terrorists.

Meanwhile at the Philando Castile wake, there were few blacks and a thousand whites.

Makes me wonder where those 100,000 Somalians were, and all those other blacks.......apparently black lives matter but Phil's did not.

Then again Phil has this girlfriend who has been apparently auditioning for some reality television program, as she can not get in front of the camera enough, counting bullet shots and telling all how CALMFULLY Philando was reaching for his ID, as he had his gun in the same spot.

I guess this is the case of an armed black man in Minnesota that somehow got a concealed carry permit when no one gets them, and Mark Dayton smearing all Minnesota PD that they shoot Nigs and apparently share their donuts with the white folks..........oh by another Mexican sounding police officer.

So you got in this two Hispanic named, armed Minnesotans, gunning it out, and someone taking phone footage of the police violated the procedure in leaving suspects in a vehicle where a known firearm was.

There are rules in this, in Mark Dayton was appalled that someone got shot in Minnesota over a tail light being out. Maybe if your car does not look like a dope wagon, and if you have enough money to carry a gun......probably should spend the money to get the light fixed, then the cops will not be pulling you over and shooting you.

Just some advice too. At traffic stops, you keep your hands on the steering wheel and you do not move. If you are ordered to produce your identification, you calmly tell the officer that you have a concealed carry permit and where the firearm is. Then you follow orders.

Now for another reality in this, if you are black, stop dressing like a Nigger or acting like a dumb ass coon with an attitude because Obama's image is in the White House.

I have been involved in only one speed trap in Iowa. I sat still, followed orders, and answered questions with YES SIR and NO SIR. The cop was busy spying on me as I had driving directions and asked me where I was going and I informed him.
I never left the car, he wrote the ticket and when it was over I confounded him in I started asking him questions about what I was suppose to do in passing and then I thanked the officer and shook his hand, as he was the one trying to get the hell away from me.

Like it or not, all cops are nuts and trained to be that way by SWAT Mossad training to kill first and lie about it later. So you mix a mouthy darkie with a tan skin Mexican who does not like attitude in Minnesota, and of course you are going to get a dead coon, as the cop is looking for a reason to try out his training.

We do not know all that took place in this, but it is closer to the above in attitude from Phil, mixed with a cop with attitude, and the black giving the impression he is a dangerous Nigger.

I will just repeat this in all of this racism, LaVoy Finicum.

The only reason Philando Castile is an issue, is because he is black and it is now as Governor Mark Dayton espoused, it is acceptable racism to hate Caucasians and smear Latino police officers.

LaVoy Finicum, where is the investigation into that murder?

Minnesota Governor On Philando Castile's Death: He'd Still Be ...

Wednesday evening, Philando Castile was shot to death by a St. Anthony Police Department cop in the Twin Cities suburb of Falcon Heights, becoming the ...

This is the Clinton more cops on the street for union votes for democrats, this is the Obama police state, this is liberalism in hiring all these ethnics, and training them to shoot people first and last.

Philando Castile is dead, because of the very politics his  race practices at 98% voting for the Obama change.

The gunshots rang out about 9 p.m. following a protest and rally held over two people killed in police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week. The shootings took place as the rally and march were ending.

Another fine moment brought to you by Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota inflaming another Obama stage theater event and this time the cops received the spray and pray.