Wednesday, July 13, 2016

George W. the Junkie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In case you missed this, George W. Bush at the Dallas Memorial for the murdered police officers, in holding Michelle Obama and Laura Bush's hands..........well he, started doing a jig to a slow spiritual song.

Seriously, I conclude one of four things happened.

  1. George Bush is hitting the sauce again and had brandy peaches for breakfast without the peaches and but a quart of brandy.
  2. George Bush found Jeb's stash of kilo coke from the old Iran Contra days and snorted a head full.
  3. George Bush is possessed by a voodoo demon.
  4. George Bush is going senile.
  5. George Bush has gone nuts.

I am not trying to be satirical in this as when I was in Sunday School, a missionary brought in this retard from a group home, who kept grabbing her nipple and grinning, until she slapped him so hard it almost made him have a brain.........and that is what Laura Bush looks like, in like Nancy Reagan having to be patiently humoring Ronald Reagan during a lapse..........and Muchelle, she honestly looks like a person stuck next to the mental retard who keeps eating boogers and offering sweetly to share some.

I recall in inquiry something was posted here long ago about George W. having some terminal brain trouble and this looks a great deal like that, although he is still walking around, swaying to the sound.

George W. Bush´s jovial jig
at Dallas memorial turns heads

USA Today, by Mary Bowerman    Original Article
Posted By: FelineFine- 7/13/2016 4:04:47 PM     Post Reply
Can’t stop the feeling, right Mr. President? Former President George W. Bush caused a stir Tuesday after he swung his arms and enthusiastically swayed during a hymn at a somber memorial for the slain Dallas police officers. Much to the delight of the Internet, video captured Bush holding hands with his wife and Michelle Obama as he broke into a sort of jig on stage. While most of the people on the stage stood stone-faced and swayed slowly to the music, Bush looked almost jovial, as he swayed and smiled out at the audience. It all started with a slow march.

Something though is definitely wrong with George W. Bush, and that is the sad part, as the one behaving on the stage is Joe Biden, and that says a great deal.

George W. apparently needs some help, but at least he is a happy whatever he is.