Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Trump on a Wire

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to address something in the Trump Vice Presidential reality show as Sean Hannity is now promoting two old white dudes, that could be mistaken for Mark Dayton or Joe Biden in Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich.

If Mr.  Trump is seeking to assure people he can pick a boring old guy who inspires no one, then he will succeed in Pence or Gingrich.

The reality is though not the Trump children's comfort level with Mike Pence, but the reality of the Trump Reaganite base being comfortable with Mike Pence, as they are not in the least with Newt Gingrich.


Mike Pence has already proven  to me to have the worst judgment on the planet.

Mike Pence endorses Ted Cruz -

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence endorsed Ted Cruz Friday, just days before a primary that could make or break the Texas senator's chances of halting Donald Trump's ...

Anyone who thought a foreign born lyin'  Ted was the answer to America, might has just as certain be Jeb Bush whining around the brush patch hoping Hillary Clinton can win, so he can say "I told you so", to no one in his audience yet.
Furthermore, the Trump children are about as good of a judge of character after the Corey Lewandowski knife in the back, as  some woman trusting to be alone with Bill Clinton.
At the critical moment in the 2016 GOPliter vote fraud, Mike Pence chose the Ted side.

Inquiry states that Mike Pence can not be trusted.

Is Mike Pence going to convince Ted Cruz cultists to come vote for Mr. Trump? Not in the least. Indiana is going to go GOP, so Pence brings absolutely nothing to the ticket but the appeal of a Smithsonian statute in the entourage.

That is what is being missed by the Trump children, and they should be listening, because they already have their suit in the race and it is Donald John Trump. There is an entire American race out there that Don jr. should have his head out of his ass in having met while hunting out west, who are not NRA rich folks nor canned hunt big shots. There are Americans out there who have shit under their fingernails from butchering animals, shit on their shoes from working in sewers and shit for lives, because they have been screwed over for the past 40 years since HW Bush overthrew Ronald Reagan, and the thing they all have in common is politicians with grey suits, white hair and look like they are all carved in stone.

It is not the Trump children who need to be assured of a surrogate daddy. It is the American base which has to be reassured that Donald Trump is who he says he is and not someone who is trying to nuance by Paul Manafort an appeasement to the GOPliters of Paul  Ryan and the cuckservatives of Ted Cruz.

With full apology to Jesus, but Jesus H. Christ there Mr. Trump. Americans do not want safe and that is why they chose you. They are in the process of kicking Paul Ryan's treacherous ass out of the House, they are terrified of Hillary Clinton and they do not want a Mike Pence small pox blanket to warm them up from the Reince Priebus epidemic.

This is the time for a real American woman on the ticket as Vice President and it is why I advocated for either Beutler or Rodgers out of Washington.

When God moved me to construct this over a year ago, every person thought it was Jeb and Hillary, because that is what I knew the time line was four years ago and posted it. God in His Grace allowed me to move the time line and remove Jeb Bush in using a Jehu in Donald Trump. The objective is still the same in defeating Hamrod Clinton, but this group of reality show Vice Presidents being paraded around is not what America is looking for.
I counseled to wait for the convention after the nomination for the punch line, but now it is keyholed before the convention for a push in the weekend news cycle, which can be obliterated by one false flag shoot out again like Dallas.

I can inform all of you, that Mike Pence is not a punch line. He is dead pan without the humor, just as Gingrich is. I will not attack Chris Christie because he has been a loyal soldier and Mr. Trump can trust him, but he is not the answer either. Mr. Christy belongs as the gatekeeper as White House Chief of Staff, even if I would like him putting the cuffs on all these traitors at Justice.

It is going to be more difficult to move the timeline with two white guys in the GOP stereotype against the Hillary and Poco fiction. That is the reality.

I was watching the movie Broken Trail with Robert Duvall, and the director related something which Sam Peckinpah told him. He said that casting was 70% of the direction in a movie, because if you cast the right people, it took all the work out of it.
Politics is the exact same reality. Donald Trump is perfectly cast, but casting a statue which stinks of GOPliter guano is going to make directing this a 100% effort.

By God's Grace the Lame Cherry created this time line. I am done after this voicing my concerns over Vice President as we got this horse named Donald Trump in Apache country and it is all we got to ride out of here. If he chooses to fall in love with a mule every one of his supporters knows is horse shit, then that is what we are stuck with in being slowed down

 It is a simple thing in who Donald Trump needs to pick as his Vice President. It is not who the family likes, but who is the solid rocket booster that America will ride to the White House.

The Lame Cherry though has had it with having to work it's ass off to keep this on course for absolutely nothing in these meddling wetwares who think this is something they suddenly are the always experts on.

It is like being shot in the foot to make things more even for the retards in the race.

If this is the President Elect's game, then he really needs someone on staff in the next hour to tell him taking this high wire on the road is going to shave 10 points off the margin which is something Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, image Obama and the GOPliters could do, but only Donald Trump could do.

As Joan of Arc would say, "Nom des Deius."