Monday, July 25, 2016

Get off Your Ass Mike Pence

Get off your ass Mike Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Evidently, as Eric Trump had to save Paul Manafort's balls again at the convention, as he was too busy having Bob Dole buff his nut sack in adoration, that the dynamic of duo of Mike Pence and Paul Manafort have become the DO NOTHING DUO, as Pence is crowned Prince, and now his days are spent preening in front of the mirror and making calls to Mummy so she can tell him how great her little boy is.

The Lame Cherry has some advice for Mike Pence and Paul Manafort, GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET TO WORK. I work 16 hours a day and am sleeping six. I have watched in disgust as Mike Pence and Paul Manafort have absolutely NO DIRECTION since Mr. Trump accepted the nomination of the Republican Party.

For the record, Manafort stuck Pence on the ticket for the "Rust Belt Strategy", meaning Mike Pence has one job, and that is as Mr. Trump ordered, to take the success of Indiana message to all the Rust Belt States.......apparently Paul Manafort is too busy looking through his selfies and Mike Pence is too busy on the phone with Mummy, to get off their asses and do what they were hired to do, and that is campaign, campaign, campaign, campaign.

Literally there are 100 days of actual worthwhile campaign, and the few days after the convention are premium to keep Hamrod off balance. You do not take off on a fishing trip like Walter Mondale and appear you do not care. You get out and you pound, pound, pound, pound.

This means Mike Pence and Paul Manafort have WASTED 4 days which will never come back. Mike Pence has to be from now on at 4 campaign stops EVERY DAY. Mike Pence eats, drinks, sleeps and shits the Trump campaign and nothing else, and Paul Manafort does all of that without sleep.

Mike Pence should have been in Duluth and Moorehead Minnesota. If he does not know those cities, then that is the point, because he needs to be in Mankato, Prairie du Chien, LaSalle, Peoria in the states from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania EVERY 3rd day. Go to the outstate markets where the base is and the metros will have to cover you. Let the small cities lead the big cities to become one with the people.

Four days have been wasted and this is again the ineptness of Paul Manafort and Mike Pence has proven he does not have the initiative to do anything but think he was coronated and this was light duty work.

Mike Pence has one mission and that is to make people in the Midwest think he lives there in they see him so much. He is going to be at fairs, at pancake days for hunters and whatever else real town America is ginning up commerce for that day.

I repeat 4 days have been wasted. That is 16 campaign stops and by tomorrow it will be 20 campaign stops.

It is get on the Trump message of jobs, jobs, jobs, no taxes for people under 50,000 dollars, no taxes for people under 50,000 dollars, no taxes for people under 50,000 dollars, and being ready for the pissy Cruz Clinton gotcha questions, in dropping the hammer on them.

As Paul Manafort can not get off his ass, as the delegates were his venue, which he blew in the Cruz incident, and as Paul Manafort did not coordinate a campaign list for the Delegates to set up in their states for 5 campaign visits in each of these states by November, then Mike Pence it is up to you to get off your ass, and go to work as that is what Mr. Trump hired you for.

The fact is Vice President Jamie Beutler has done more campaigning and she is not even on the ticket.

Get off your ass, as there are some people not being paid for this work, who have been saving your asses from the start of this.

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