Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Tripwire for World War

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As the world observes the self righteous gnashing of teeth of the NeoDems who have overthrown the progressives of the Democrat Party, now led by Hillary Hamrod Clinton, there is a much more important story which is taking place, and that is the Russian hackers, who are only hackers in Russia, with the full carte blanche of the Russian Security Services, hacked into both Hillary Clinton's illegal private email server and into the criminal meanderings of the DNC computers as they addressed on how to deal with the competitor Jew, Bernie Sanders.

The question in this which no one is asking is "Why is Russia running an operation against Hillary Clinton?"

The answer is simple in President Vladimir Putin has explained all of this. Mr. Putin has railed against the western press in not informing the American and European public that war is coming, and will be unleashed globally by the end of next year.

It has become such a heightened situation that Russian leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is comparing NATO to the Hitler troop build up which preceded World War II. The conversation in Russia is about wiping all of NATO out on the border which is a reality, as the paltry Obama Merkel show of offensiveness is not a match for Russian overwhelming forces.

“The more NATO soldiers in your territory, the faster you are going to die. To the last man. Remove NATO from your territory!” 

Paul Craig Roberts reported that Germany is being moved to declare Russia an enemy nation.

Eric Zuesse reports on a German newspaper leak of a Bundeswehr decision to declare Russia to be an enemy nation of Germany.

It is obvious that in the rigged American elections which installed Birther and the image Obama for two stolen elections, that Russia for her survival is attempting to expose the corruption in America led by Hillary Clinton, which is in the Obama process of unleashing World War in the next American presidency.

For Russia, it is obvious in Hillary Hamrod Clinton is the trip wire for global war. That is what the November elections are about whether Americans will ever realize it or not. Their Presidential election between Donald Trump and the other political refuse led by Hillary Clinton and the GOPliters is about whether Russia will make a first strike in Europe to save itself. It is a literal reality that a vote for Hillary Clinton will trigger a global war while a vote for Donald Trump will persuade the Russians to attempt a negotiated stand down by the positive words of Donald Trump and his military adviser General Mike Lynch.

It is easy to lose site of reality in America, as people are self absorbed in American centrism of everything should be at peace because Norwegians gave Obama a prize, but the entire world has been engulfed in greater wars now for almost 8 years.

So Hillary Clinton had her ludicrous reset button in 2009 which baffled Russians, as Obama flexibility since it became dictator has not brought the rewards to Russia, but war on her borders and American forces on their borders. As Democrats gnash about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, think for a moment if Russia had overthrown the regime in Mexico, installed  their own dictator, and then proceeded to put Russia expeditionary forces in Canada, Bermuda, Cuba, while running terror operations out of Venezuela, would Americans trust the good will of Russia, or would Americans be rattling the sabers of war?

Let me be clear, this conglomerate traitor corp in Congress led by Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi have not checked the Wall Street Obama in unbridled illegal wars. All of this has brought America to a point, where their Designer Negro and his Miss Scarlet Hillary are about to force America into another global war, which no Americans desire.
Let me be clear, that this war is not about "evil" Vladimir Putin, no more than the last two were about "evil" Adolf Hitler or the "evil" Kaiser. This war is about covering up the massive looting and speculation in the west again, to be followed by American tanks, after a million Americans are slaughtered with millions more in Europe, to loot 1 trillion dollars in Russian gold to Clinton crony bankers just like the last war, and dividing up Russian oil and natural resources to the same conglomerates, as everyone in the west is told to wave their flags and appreciate how patriotic it is to exist now in the 3rd world slums.

The Progressives of the Democratic Party, like the Conservatives in the Republican Party figured all of this out. It is why the Progressives voted for Bernie Sanders who won the election, but had it stolen from him by GOPliter Hillary, and it is why the Conservatives rejected GOPliter Ted Cruz, and nominated Donald Trump, because both Sanders and Trump have one mind in this and that is America's business is jobs for better lives and not a business of making war.

Americans and the Europeans are being forced to the tipping point by Muslim invasion and by the manipulations to begin a war with Russia which Russians, Americans or Europeans do not desire. It will all be decided in the next few months, and if Hillary Clinton is installed, there is coming a scorched earth to Europe and final retaliation from Russia on American cities through their Russian nuclear submarines.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for saving all of our lives. A vote for Hillary Clinton will begin a war, which every one reading this is going to suffer from, as WMD's do not stop at ghettos or ivory towers, and numbers will die, in none of us will not be left untouched in this in hardship or horror in having some connection to a city which disappears.

Edward Snowden warned Americans and the West that Obama Clinton had built a gulag and now Russia is warning that Obama Clinton will start the next world war. The clock is now ticking and the only way to diffuse this is to elect Donald Trump.

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