Monday, July 4, 2016

Got, Got, Got

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dreams are the seed of sweat and toil

- Lame Cherry

Most people reading that will think that I mean, you have to work for what you want to have, but  the reality is what you have takes almost as much work to have and to hold, that to earn enough to pay for them.

Even free things that I confiscated from my Grandpa's place are work and I will tell you the story.

We existed on a sharecropper place when I was a child. 200 dollars a year rent, we paid for all the utilities and the owner took 1/3rd of the crop. In slave times that was not any idea of prosperity and there was not any running water, unless you ran after it.

So we had nothing, absolutely nothing. There was a crab apple tree here, but my sister broke it in crawling up into it, and one green rhubarb plant that was so awful that Mom apparently killed it out of frustration.
So our rhubarb came from Grampa's.......with a caveat.

My Gram was the type of woman who was seen and heard, and what you saw you didn't like and what you heard you were always injured by. She used to sometimes buy me Christmas gifts and leave the tags on, which were marked down 3 times, so that always made me feel special.

Gram also had rhubarb and Grampa would be flailing away at it picking a wheel barrel full of the green stuff, and she would be over protecting her strawberry rhubarb which was bright red.
We could have three stalks....yeah pencil sized stalks so that was like the donations I get here in nothing is nothing.

When they both died, and my beloved Uncle died, I decided it was time to share the wealth so I confiscated some of that rhubarb, and eventually as the place was sold, I took all the strawberry rhubarb too.

Odd thing I soon found out, that if the Strawberry rhubarb was not grass packed and given the opportunity to grow, it was the same green rhubarb my Grampa was picking by the bushel. If the old bat had simply taken care of what another woman had planted, she would have had piles of rhubarb.
Thing is beloved Uncle hated rhubarb and no one liked it, so she was just being herself in being the miser she was.

The thing is with rhubarb, like all things, it needs work to maintain it. Dividing it, compost and as TL and I just got finished, in digging the sod out from around some new plants so they survive. My Grampa's variety is so unique that it tastes like no other rhubarb, so I have to keep it going or it will be gone forever, as the new varieties they have now have no flavor at all.

So I stole rhubarb, and it is still making me sweat. Everything whether it is plates to be dusted, cars to be tuned up or trees to be pruned, all takes sweat and  toil.

I was at an outlet store the other day, and was looking through the trees and they were 49.95 a bush. That is like WOW to me as that is expensive. I will have to wait until June dried up and give away sales to see what will come of all of this, as I am not paying 50 bucks for a tree that might die.

That is why in this toil, you might as well get things for free. And I do not mean stealing everything either from dead relatives, but like last year in pealing apples, I found two sprouted apples seeds in a Delicious apple, and popped them into the ground. I have decided that they will be adorning Mom's place as we have others from the metro I still have in planters, and I have like 500 Haralson seeds yets to try and sprout. God pulling the money from rich people and and God taking land away from rich people, and I will have a forest of apple trees and things to delight us with.
I know Red Delicious are not that great, but they are pretty good fresh off a tree, or at Christmas when the Lutherans used to give away the fancy grade apples, and not that chit you find in the grocery stores. So we will see what kind of trees these are, as they are pollinated by something else and might just be a pretty good apple. Certainly better than 50 dollar trees which I am not that fond of.

So keep in mind of getting things, that they really got you. It is why I say pets always own you, because you end up waiting on them, and most of you lock them in some pen and make them as miserable as you. Me, I turn them loose and Belle and Daisy make me miserable as it is now their game to run away from me, as that is so much fun as they are not ready to go back into any pen, as the grass is always so much better flavored in the yard with that cat walked over flavor.

Just remember things need care, and just remember like most of the people in this world, all the piles of things you have from stocks to mansions, are gone the month you die, and most places are torn down by some other rich person who knows how crapper your tastes were.

That about wraps this up........and rhubarb is not that great, but it keeps away scurvy and why the old Russians grew the stuff.