Monday, July 4, 2016

The America which will Be

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My Mom was watching House of Cards with us, the real House of Cards with Ian Richardson, and not this faggery of the Americans. She stated she hated FU the Prime Minister, and TL and I responded that we hope that Donald Trump would be like him, as this is what America needs.

It follows then that those who do not comprehend what we are in to be reminded of what will come in the next 50 years if Donald Trump is not President.

There will be laws and rulings to seize your property as "colonials" exactly as has been engaged against the Caucasians in Africa.

By inflation, taxation and extortion, you the American will be impoverished to being able to not ever be able to fight back.

The police state will make absolute war against you.

You will be deported from the United States and put into exile.

You will watch press reports of your dead children and parent's graves dug up by tan skins for what is contained in those graves of your loved ones.

You will perish in a foreign land as an exile. You will be the last of the American, and European race, whose bloodlines compete against the Ashkenaz dark light lines.

A vote for Donald Trump is your last chance to not face genocide. Whoever else is installed, know that you will be the last of your kind. If you have children, they will be raped as slaves, and those not murdered, will produce a race of subservient bastards whose genes will be only spoken of as a by word like the Neanderthal.