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Homeopathic Kidney Stones

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Sandy asked about kidney stones, and as I remembered the Dead Docs Don't Lie saying that calcium stones are caused by the body pulling calcium out of the bones, I thought I would  try Earth Clinic again and see what the all knowing Ted was saying as well as others too.

I post the comments I found which were best, starting with Ted, but the basis is in dealing with stones is to drink lemon juice and olive oil. The oil lubes the urinary track, while the lemon, apple cider acidifies.

Ted believes it is fruit sugars or the acid in rhubarb in the body reacting by storing these in the kidneys. They say lots of water to keep the body hydrated in flushing.

Afterwards there are tune ups, as in taking calcium and magnesium, with the lemon juice flush.

If it were me, I would douse with the lemon juice as the users state below with olive oil, BUT DO NOT OVER DO on the olive oil, as too much will make your intestines lubricated with like results and cramps. I would though do the distilled water to have less calcium for the acid in the lemons to deal with, and then if you feel like it "treat" yourself to some ACV or Coke.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

The most popular remedies used to eliminate Kidney Stones and also soothe the excruciating pain from kidney stones are: Lemon and Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and the herb Chanca Piedra, a common weed also known as the "stonebreaker". Over 250 people have reported a cure using the simple Lemon Juice and Olive Oil remedy, so we suggest you start by reading the feedback in that section first!
Also check out our page on the top Kidney Stone Home Remedy: Olive Oil and Lemon Juice!

i used all 3 treatments of apple cida vinegar ist for 2 days...then olive oil and lemon juice 2nd and finally alfalfa with lime ...and my kidney stones were gone-- probably i take magnesium and b-6 to keep them away....thank god for this website.

Earth Clinic

Earth Clinic

Earth Clinic

Unless you live in the sticks, there should be something locally a phone call could find. chanca piedra

Product Description... Herb Pharm Stone Breaker (Chanca Piedra) Compound for Urinary System ...

*But academically, stones can be calcium phosphates, calcium oxalates, struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate), uric acid (gout), and cystine (hereditary). Much of the problem is calcium oxalate, and the leeching out effect on calcium when sugar in the blood is high and acidity too.
So neutralizing them with calcium actually makes things worse. Temporarily acidifying urine will usually dissolve most stones, but the body must be alkalizing in the long run especially in the intestines because if the intestines get acidic, the oxalic acid also gets through the gut. So avoiding oxalic acid rich foods is just part of the solution. Uric acid occurs mostly from fruits (fructose) and is metabolically converted to uric acid also and we blame only meats! Our average blood stream of fructose is 1 mg/dL. Fruit juices and fruit intake would easily overtake that and it is no wonder we have stones!

 To reduce the size of the kidney stones just drink plenty of lemon juice throughout the day. The citric acid will reduce the size of the stones. Taken every 2 hours. Whole lemon juice is required every time it is taken.
I always know before a kidney stones occur because my urine starts getting cloudy. When this happens I immediately take plenty vitamin B complex and take lemon juice or grape juice. The cloudiness of the urine goes away the next day. The key is to drink water, plenty of water, but not the kind of water you think. It is going to be distilled water so that the calcium will get dissolved faster.
One other way is to drink plenty of coke, which is not a particularly healthy way of doing so but it does get rid of kidney stones primarily as coke is very acid and contains phosphoric acid. Two liter of coke for the whole day might do fine in dissolving. But with 2 cm of stones it appears to take far longer as it is way too big, but certainly it will reduce the pain.
The best option is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) which uses sound waves to break the stones away and does not require surgery. For this 2 cm, this appears to be a safer and faster option.

*Somebody did ask what benefit the Olive Oil may have. Well, Oil is a lubricant, together with the Lemon juice or the Apple Cider vinegar, which brittles the stones, the Olive oil lubricates (help the stones to come down easier) It does work - no side effects.I had a 4 mm stone between my kidney and bladder in my ureter. I tried taking flomax my doctor gave me which did nothing. I read all the posts on the site and decided I had nothing to lose. I did the lemon and olive oil. I drank apple cider vinegar numerous times a day and I took capsules filled with chanca piedra. My stone came out 3 days after trying these remedies

*I found a remedy for kidney stones on the internet and it's working. Here is the remedy: Drink 8 ounces of lemon juice straight. Then drink a glass of water with 1 ounce of lemon juice every hour for the next 12 hours.

*I did this yesterday and nothing happened at first. Then I continued with the 1 ounce of lemon juice in water every couple of hours today and I started to see the grit coming out. I'll probably continue with the lemon juice until I feel completely better.

*Then I found this website and decided to try the recipe right away. I mixed 2 oz lemon juice with 2 oz olive oil. My husband drank it and followed by a big glass of water. Amazingly, the next day he passed the stone. The stone broke into smaller pieces.

*I was suffering from a 2 mm kidney stone that was right outside my bladder. After a week of pain, I found this website. I mixed the concotion of 2 ounces of lemon juice & 2 ounces of olive oil (which I worked out to be 2 tablespoons of each; 1 oz = 1 tablespoon). Mixed that up and drank it at 11 pm on Saturday night. Then, I started TRYING to drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with water. YUK!! Instead I diluted 1 tablesoon of ACV in 8 oz of water and drank that. Then did another tablespoon with another 8 oz. That helped to pass it. Drank lots of crystal light and cranberry juice. Last but not least, I went to grocery store and found (of all things) Apple Cider VInegar tablets!!!! bought those and took some of those.

*Now it is sunday around 7:15 pm and I feel a little discomfort in my pee area. Felt like I had a urine infection. Went to bathroom and my 2mm kidney stone came out!!! No pain whatsoever!! Soooo happy!!!

*While I've only taken straight lemon juice once (my stomach didn't like it), I've found that natural lemonade mixed with 1/2-1 full lemon's juice per serving almost immediately takes away the pain. It's really almost unbelievable.

*Last time the specialist by cat-scan said I had 3 the size of 50 cent piece. Scheduled me for surgery or the water bath deal on Tues. I left hosp on a Tues. so only had a week to work on dissolving. I drank Lemon juice water, & drank extra water. I also added a tiny bit of baking soda to help sweeten our hard water to get more down. My Cat-scan on Tues showed no stones at all. Dr said to take Magnesium and would never need to see him again. Have tried both Magnesium and Lemon juice since and now been 4 yrs since my last bout with stones.

May the Holy Angels amplify the remedies on these stones, and help dissolve and pass them. May the Lord Christ's healing be upon you, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.