Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to Die Young

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a definitive shift in the commodity and Walmart markets and in order to understand the repercussions of this, you should know the punch line is this spells global war.

The British Press noted this past week that super tankers are littering the globe full of oil, as much as the oil bulk depots. This is not just to attempt to drive up oil prices, but one has to comprehend what this is about at source, in all of these oil producing nations from Russia to the Mideast, are in dire need to oil revenues at any price, and have been pumping oil creating a market glut to keep their people from revolution.

This is important to remember, because while most of you have been in a daze in this Obama Super Depression, the Chinese have been in a free fall. The only way China has kept itself from 200 million Chinese rape cock starting a revolution is to keep spending money at home, in producing goods, which are now being housed in massive warehouses. There are literally years supply of goods in China which it has hedges, as in the oil tankers are hedging in not selling oil, but storing it on the high seas, in the attempt to drive up prices or wait for prices to rise.

If one watches the capital rapists, one hears things like this:

Looking at recent data, and specifically something we pointed out two weeks ago, Bass said the country’s $3 trillion corporate bond market is “freezing up” amid rising defaults and canceled debt sales. “We’re starting to see the beginning of the Chinese machine literally break down.”

The above is from Kyle Bass, a hedger, who like all this ilk get off on fucking with the markets in thinking this is a monopoly game, but never ponder little Chinese girls crippled from sewing designer jeans or the White Americans so at their end, that they are committing suicide to the extinction of their species. See it is all like Rahm Emanuel cackling about winning political fights and never comprehending that what the Clinton's did, set the stage for people like Omar Mateen to be put into that gay rape culture which ends up in piles of peoples lives shattered forever, and is one more log on the nuclear fire which is coming.

What you need to understand in this is Adolf Hitler did not start World War II. Germany's economy was booming, while after 8 years of Franklin Roosevelt in America, strangling the American economy, America like most of the world was in a depression.
How do you cure depressions? You start a global war.

Do you really think that China's elite few with 1.3 billion are going to let themselves be dragged through the streets or do you think it would be in China's interest to do the Japanese thing from World War II.

  1. Start a war that FDR wanted.
  2. Destroy a host of it's population.
  3. Face defeat and surrender to power under the West protecting power
  4. Have a great life as the Americans killed your mobs for you in World War II
  5. Let the Americans rebuild your shattered nation to your luxurious ease.

 It is in the global interest to engage in the oldest reason of all for wars, and that is to distract the mobs back home, and to go off and steal all of that wealth which you let the the sub classes collect for you.

No one lost their heads who were in power in World War I or II. It was all about money, stolen treasures which were looted and propaganda to keep the masses thinking that the wars were against evil or some other patriotic thing.

 It is always the same process in the nation rapists leverage nations to plunder them, and then the national leadership always starts a war to kill off their mobs in order to save themselves. Nothing dignified about it. It is just bashing in the Neanderthal's head with a club in the night, as that is what human primates always resort to.

The earth trembles and the smell of sulfur is in the air. How long before the eruption.