Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Trump Vice Presidential Saga

Total Votes: 291,039

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reason the liberal media and the GOPliters desire Newt Gingrich on the Trump Presidential ticket is Newt Gingrich is the mill stone about this race. He will be destroyed by Hillary Clinton for his war against Bill Clinton, his blunder of shutting down the government, his being a misogynist, and his being an old, fat white man.
Added to that the reality that Trump voters detest this traitor, the sale would be complete.

In addition, the GOPliters have already factored in that Mr. Trump's demise in 2016 would have Jed Crush in charge of American genocide as that is what Newt Gingrich is, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz mongrelized.

Senator Joni Ernst, turned in a zombie rebuttal to Birther Hussein. The people of Iowa are fuming over her treachery for Obamatrade. Her spoken record is confirmed right wing, but she has already left the impression that this is more Jed Crush with a skirt.

Jeff Sessions, is ok, but is old, white and male. He can not speak effectively would best be suited to some other cabinet post.

Mike Pence.......you do not put someone on the ticket with testicles from a state that is gong GOP anyway.

Chris Christie, again he is a Trump loyalist. He really belongs a Chief of Staff as the Gatekeeper to keep order in the Trump White House. Again an fat white man is not what this ticket needs.

Bob Corker...........Bob who? Enough said. He would help with Arkansas, but the South is going for Mr. Trump wholesale so testicles is another drawback.

It is disappointing that Matt Drudge put this farce up for polling. It leaves out the premier candidates in strong political women in the GOP, from Congress, as that is exactly who Mr. Trump requires, and fits his agenda.

None of the above are acceptable, so I return to Jamie Beutler of Washington State or her 4th most powerful person in Congress in Kathy Rogers of Washington State. Make them do an "impeach me if I do not resign in not supporting the Trump policies through my being elected and the White House, and it solves everything.

I will support Mr. Trump's decision, but I will not support being led around in another GOPliter and Clinton charade to weaken the Donald Trump Presidential ticket.

Correctly Mr. Trump should only announce AFTER he receives the nomination, as his live television speech closes the convention, and the American People get the ratings punchline of the Vice Presidential decision....again a woman, not Joni Ernst.

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