Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Huma Abedin reveals Hillary Clinton is Brain Damaged


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Judicial Watch has released a FOIA concerning an email exchange between Hillary Clinton's staff, Huma Abedin and Monica Hanley. While the focus on the emails is the revelation that Mrs. Clinton is described as "confused", there is something more disturbing about the revelations in these emails.

  • Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]
  • Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her
  • Abedin: Very imp to do that. She’s often confused.

If one observes in the screen grab in the time stamp, one notes that the first email from Abedin appears at 4:56 PM on Sunday afternoon. Hanley replies immediately at 4:59 PM on the same afternoon, and the last email on the subject is Abedin stressing the importance of refreshing Mrs. Clinton's memory at 5:27 PM on the same date.

Examine the real facts in this for the disturbing part in this, in Huma Abedin is not an assistant in this case, but she is literally the caregiver, checking up on Mrs. Clinton. Abedin is not on site, so it is Hanley and Hanley reveals that ALREADY AT 5 PM IN THE AFTERNOON, Hillary Clinton is napping, which apparently is a regular situation.
Again, Hillary Clinton is napping at 5 PM already, and will not be available until the next morning. What the email indicates is that Hillary Clinton "naps" before she goes to sleep all night, and there is in reality, absolutely no interaction with others, in checking messages, as one would expect from the Secretary of State.
I stress this as Huma Abedin knows her elderly boss is so debilitated, that she must be checked on, as she is sleeping at least 14 hours a day.  Then there is the revelation that Mrs. Clinton literally is so incoherent that she has to be talked through subjects in order to bring her understanding to the correct way of  thinking.

This is not some 3 AM call when a person is groggy in being awakened. This is Hillary Clinton at 5 PM on an afternoon so comatose that no one can wake her up, and when she is "awake" by at least 7 AM the next morning for a meeting with a world leader, Mrs. Clinton has to be spoon fed information, as she does not remember facts or events.

For a reality check, this is the Secretary of State of the United States, and Mrs. Clinton is in bed for most of the day. It begins to shed light on why there was the rape and murder of Americans in Benghazi, in no security measures were acted upon. It is a reality that Hillary Clinton is so brain dysfunctional, one could email her the day before, and she would forget by the next morning if Huma Abedin was not monitoring the events.

This is highly alarming in Hillary Clinton is trying to be installed as President, and the woman can not keep awake and when she is awake, she can not comprehend what the facts are. This is not a woman who belongs with her finger on a nuclear button. This is an elderly woman who belongs in Boca Rotan, with her biggest decision of the day if G 26 on the Bingo card is close enough to O 36 for a Bingo.

I do not make light of this for the security of America. It would be different if Bill Clinton was operational yet, but in viewing his open mouthed and blank eyed stares, he is not able to do the heavy lifting any more than Mrs. Clinton is anymore. They both belong in a retirement home, and not the White House.

It all assembles a most troubling pattern in Hillary Clinton in her "barking" episodes and her recent 'head bobbing' which appears as if she has had some seizure.

Queen Hillary's Growing 'Bobblehead' Problem - C-SPAN.org

Poor Queen Hillary, ever since her last facelift, she has developed a noticeable 'Bobblehead,' especially when she is forced to endure the endless…

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to slam Republicans ...

Hillary Clinton barks like a dog to ... the dog, if it is not true, he is going to bark,'" Clinton said. "And the dog was barking on the radio and so ...

In brain injuries the effects are accumulative, in that one sharp blow to the head will not reveal a problem, but in time that blow does manifest in problems. Joe Biden is an example of having brain dysfunction in saying and acting in ridiculous ways after his near death experience from an aneurysm. If one couples the concussion of Mrs. Clinton several years ago, her age, her heavy drug use, exposure to sexual diseases, one understands that what should have been something Mrs. Clinton recovered from, is something in the high stress of a presidential campaign is degrading her further.
Simply put, the years Mrs. Clinton was forced to do the heavy lifting for Barack Obama, used her up, and now the effects are cumulative in debilitating her.

The question is for Democrats in are they willing to elect Huma Abedin as President, because that is what is taking place. It explains a great deal why Mrs.Clinton has her lesbian associate on her arm all the time. It is not fondness of Mrs. Wiener, but Mrs. Wiener literally is minding the store because Hillary Clinton is not home most of the time.
It explains why "Hillary Clinton falls" and why Mrs. Clinton has banned the press from photographing her getting on and off planes.

Video: Hillary Clinton falls boarding plane - Telegraph

... Hillary Clinton, falls over as she boards a plane in Yemen. Accessibility links. Skip to article ... Hillary Clinton falls boarding plane

It makes one wonder if Mrs. Clinton is being carried off planes or in a wheelchair as all photographs of her campaign jets disappeared.

It is not that Hillary Clinton could not pass a security check to gain employment in the American regime, nor is it that Hillary Clinton is a career criminal, it is the fact that Hillary Clinton is not mentally nor physically capable of accomplishing the job of President. Frankly this woman could not be trusted to bake cookies or little alone be around needles to knit as her narcolepsy appears to have her so comatose she would burn the house down or impale herself on the needles.

We have all witnessed how the Presidency ages all those who take that job. The reality is Hillary Clinton will probably not survive past her first term and that is not something America needs to deal with in a transitional regime with a Tim Kaine whom his own party rejects and who Republicans will not back.

For the sake of America, this confused woman named Hillary Clinton, needs to be retired and cared for with a full time nursing staff, as the American Presidency is not something after the Obama vacation years, something that an Islamist like Huma Abedin can be trusted to run or Tim Kaine to follow the orders of Bill Clinton, when Bill is getting his 14 hours a day too.

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