Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lame Cherry White Paper: The Dark Roots of Hillary Clinton's American Genocide


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In every instance of history, Senator Edward Kennedy is blamed for "immigration" in his legislation, but if one knows the real history, the invasion of America began with the white paper written by then Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, Democrat in 1954, in conjunction with New York Public Affairs Committee and championed by Dr. Israel Goldstein of the American Jewish Congress, who had this forward comment:

"Immigration policy shapes the pattern for our dealings with other people. It helps form thinking and action on our relationships to persons whose race or creed or national origin
may differ from our own. Our procedures relating to naturalization and deportation touch the very heart of the problem of civil liberties."

- Israel Goldstein.

After Mr. Goldstein begins this by tearing down Catholics and Protestant immigration to America in this quote:

"The number of possible immigrants of the Catholic and Protestant faiths, for example, is so vast that the need cannot be dealt with effectively by action by this country alone.
The Jewish immigration potential, on the other hand, has been drastically curtailed by the decimation of the European Jewish community, the absorption of hundreds of thousands of Jews by the State of Israel, and the ban on migration from the Iron Curtain countries."

Note in the above, the message behind this is that America could not possibly deal with immigration of Christians, as there were just too many, but in examining the 1960's to present flood of invaders into America, there have literally been almost 100 million Mexicans, Muslims, Hindus, Asians etc.... while the entire Christian immigration has ceased.

Literally the Obama regime too the funding of religious groups in Faith Based Initiatives of George W. Bush, and turned Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities into a per head volume human traffick slave trade in paying these groups to import Muslims into America by the hundreds of thousands. This is the Obama bastardization of American Immigration Policy, and it must be understood as it all goes back to Hubert Humphrey.

This is the list of traitors behind this and it is vital to understand this, because it all dovetails into the Clinton Obama Ryan invasion of America by the conglomerates and Chamber of Commerce in there is money in modern slavery.

Erling M. Hunt, Chairman
Telford Taylor, Vice Chairman
Maxwell S. Stewart, Secretary
Beulah Amidon, Treasurer
Theodore Abel
Ethel P. Alpenfels
Eleanor C. Anderson
Francis J. Brown
Stuart W. Cook
C. Ward Crampton
Robert E. Cushman

Hubert T. Delany
Thomas D. Dublin
Samuel H. Flowerman
Roma Gans
Sidonie M. Gruenberg
George T. Guernsey
Howard Henderson
William L. Holland
F. Ernest Johnson
Otto Klineberg
Harry W Laidler

Benson Y. Landis
Alfred McClung Lee
Kay W. Levin
Edward S. Lewis
Edwin J. Lukas
Robert M. Maclver
Robert McDevitt
John Godfrey Morrii
Ernest G. Osborne
Robert H. Reid
Marli Starr

Maxwell S. Stewart, Editor

Mabel C. Mount, Managing Editor

Lura Street Jackson, Educational Director

Dallas Johnson, Educational Associate


I take all of you back to the last 1800's when the infamous "give us your poor" Jewish poetry was penned and championed to bring in the leftist radicals of Europe, focused upon Jewish communist entry into America, but brought in the same rush of lunatics who began assassinating United States Presidents.

This is what open immigration brought to America, as Americans are brought to guilt that "their ancestors" were immigrants too. The difference in that era was, is that most of your ancestors were exploited in being turned into pioneers in making farms of American wilderness. The terrorists though stayed in the cities and rioted and assassinated peoples, as they overtook unions and began that cultural upheaval from the Rugged Individual to the Organized  Community.

The reason for composing this article is to show how a very wise and pro American liberal in Hubert Humphrey, could be convinced to write an incredible piece of propaganda attempting to neutralize immigration policy in America, for the Democratic reason of increasing Democrat immigrant voters, and how the following list of "what is wrong with not letting people immigrate" has now been proven in the Obama regime, absolutely why the invasion of America and Europe should never have happened.

Humphrey the wise man, has been proven Humphrey the fool or the willing Father of American Genocide with Barack Obama running the Planned Americanhood Clinic and Hillary Clinton is handing out the RU486.


Hubert H. Humphrey
Stranger At Your Gate

1. Rigid laws are needed to prevent the country from being
flooded with immigrants.

2. Immigration threatens American living standards.

3. Certain races or nationalities are undesirable.

4. Immigrants do not make good citizens.

5. There isn't room for many more people here.

Not one of the five assumptions can be supported by statistics,
science, or history.

As one can read from the Humphrey list, every single point he made has been destroyed. America is now being flooded with invaders. American's standard of living is 2nd world and approaching 3rd world. Certain races as in Muslims and Mexicans are not desirable for their criminal and disease relations. Invaders do not make good citizens, but spawn terrorists, and, there indeed is not room for all of these invaders, who have brought the American Genocide to a reality.
Truthfully, every single one of Hubert Humphrey's points can now be absolutely supported by statistics, science and history which Americans and Europeans are being murdered and raped in.

Why this matters is, we now can read the roots of this in a liberal New York group desiring pets to exploit, and Jews desiring more Jews to be dumped into America for their political clout and exploitation, joined with Democrats, seeking a wider election margin over Republicans, produced this piece of heinous propaganda, putting a respected Democratic politicians name upon it, and if you notice, this was not unrewarded as in 1963 Hubert Humphrey became Vice President of the United States on the assassination of John Kennedy.

Why this matters, is all of the above are Barack Hussein Obama and the image's entire talking points which the conglomerates, the NGO's and the slave trade Chamber of Commerce have unleashed upon America, are the Hillary Rodham Clinton policies backed by Paul Ryan and the rest of these traitors.

Will it stop your genocide in knowing this? Not in the least, but at least if you know the history of this, you will be able to express the reality of where this started, who pushed it.

If one reviews the above names in this New York Public Affairs Committee which was promoting flooding America with invaders for the Jewish Cause, one will not find the NYPAC listed, but a few of the names have left tracks so one can begin to understand who this group backing the invasion of America was.

Telford Taylor, would be General Telford Taylor of Army Intelligence who began the railroading of Germans at the Nuremberg trials, and returned to America to denounce Senator Joseph McCarthy's rooting out of communist traitors in America.


Beulah Amidon, would be with the National Women's Party, a graduate of the New School for Social Research, Editor Organized Labor and Production, and Editor of the Twentieth Century Fund


Erling M. Hunt, would be head of teaching the social sciences at Teacher College, and embarked upon the Social Studies of America. (For those who remember that class in American High School which made absolutely no sense except in multi culturalism, Erling Hunt was the brainwashing source you were tortured by.)

Who the above are, are America's 5th column, being financed exactly as George Soros is utilized to finance the anarchists in America in the 21st century with complete carte blanche. This was a group of fellow travelers who had to wait until foreign born Birther Obama to rape and murder America to submission, and is in the process of attempting the Obama 3rd term in Hillary Clinton's criminal enterprise.
In reality, Hubert Humphrey was the front man for this scheme which he was conditioned to for the Democratic Party and now Mrs. Clinton is bringing it to it's conclusion in the American Genocide.

This is why all of this matters, as too many on the right are immigrant guilted to this invasion and too many on the left are immigrant guilted to this invasion, in one has ties to the past and one feels sorry for the present, in this continued Tavistock operation against Americans. Once again only the Lame Cherry brings you these exclusives in matter anti matter, connecting all the dots, and not just ending at Teddy Kennedy, because Ronald Reagan accused Senator Kennedy in his memoirs of this immigration catastrophe.

This goes back to the 1950's in the communists in America and comes full time to the feudal Marxist image Obama in the White House, all connected in the above evidence for the first time.

Now when you die in the American Genocide, you will at least be informed, and not another dumb ass, laying their gut shot, waiting for some Muslim or Mexican to cap a 9 into your brain in your ignorance.

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