Monday, July 4, 2016

In Defense of Millennials

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The New York Post attempted to sound like something intelligent in one of their writers stating that his generation of Millennials sucked.

Johnny Oleksinski, at The Attic Rooftop bar in Manhattan, is fed up with his generation of millennials.

The Lame Cherry desires none of these e phone sucklings to change, because they have a definitive purpose beyond giving themselves e phone cancers, and that is these moulded juveniles who never grew up sweating, thinking or overcoming, are the perfect fodder for invader rape cock which they adore.

This group like all dolts transfers their ideas upon foreigners and think we all can just get along, when the fact is, the foreigner looks at the whores and sees their value in sex and looks upon fags holding wine glasses as simply repositories of all the nice things the invader will take from them, as the fag lays dead in the apartment door.

Millennials have a purpose. They are mass rape absorbents, and have the epitome of virtue in being creatures who like to concentrate and there is nothing a foreign enemy likes better than to have masses to drop weapons of mass destruction upon.

There is nothing one can do with this current crop of semen dumps, because their neurological wiring has been so fused, they can not be redeemed any more than Sodom. The best kindness is to keep them around, addicted to their self phones, being self absorbed, so they can absorb all the rape and death which is coming to this world, and the master race which did not succumb to this manipulation of fluorides, narcotics and electronic warping will rise in the remnant.

I fully expect with billions of these Millennials dead, that like the buffalo, there carcasses will produce a lovely mutant group of predator of large size, which will then become a market as farming for cotton to loom clothing on will have disappeared, and wearing furs will be necessary.
What better purpose is there for Millennials to be mass raped, mass murdered and then their corpses feeding predators, so all the nice animals will be allowed to replenish the earth. It is what the Millennials were apparently created for, as chimps pick shit balls off their asses for dates in the forests and Millennials pick cell phones while on their asses, waiting around for a superior predator to make use of them.

It is perfect Darwinism as they are Godless. I look forward to the day to shooting the well fed bobcat, with a slick pelt made from devouring some Millennials of a big metropolitan area. It is the law of nature after all, Canada has it's snowshoe hair cycles which breed lynx, and America has Millennials to feed the predators for the good of the world, whether it be Muslim rape cock, Jesuit ass cock, Pyongyang missile cock, or the Chinese SAARS cock. It is all beautifully green in it's purpose, in the Millennials have multiple uses before the bobcat cock impregnates the she cat to produce more little predators fed off the dead Millennials.

To every species, to every race, to ever age there are masses of food sources. Once the buffalo and now the Millennials to solve another protein problem.

Gather to your cities  Millennials, fulfill your destinies. It will be glorious as one day your bones will no doubt be gathered up to fertilize crops of a new generation.

Perhaps though they will rise up and be shot by Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia in too small of numbers to matter to the coming bobcat breeding cycle, but I suppose that blow flies lives matter too, and what better down payment than a few Millennials for the maggot and the worm.

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