Monday, July 4, 2016

Lame Cherry, not a god by any language

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is not going to make a great deal of sense my children, because it is a private letter  to someone in Europe who happened upon the blog and contacted me. In it though is going to be information which is Wisdom from God in life's lessons learned.

First, here am I not a god, not even a fair exchange rate for Jesus the Christ. I have disciplined myself to not fall into the folly or perhaps I should say the Holy Ghost has me like the Holy Angels recoiling to praise or adoration, because in that one can find throughout history that gifted people have fallen, and some of the worst are Christians who take to the stage, get a following, and then with numbers of people needing their advice, they start thinking they are Jim Jones in going into a self destructive mode.

Praise is a two sided hand, for there is always the hand that caresses and then there is the hand that slaps hard. People are odd creatures in always being attracted to the thing that is missing in them, and then when they get close to it through fawning, they become jealous and then savage and attack it.
For the most part in this, those who attack what God has going on here, are at root furious that they do not know things, and then when they think they know something, they post it and look like fools in a short time.

For my world personally, I keep the Father in Heaven always first, with Christ and the Holy Ghost at God's hand equally. The Tiger Lily completes me. There is Mom who we care for and the few friends who we have had contact by the blog. I make it a practice though to not email people to keep them off the NSA grid as they have enough to deal with, without interesting things taking place in their lives to frighten them.

So I communicate a great deal here when the need arises.

Now comes the experience, advice and the Wisdom.

People have to have money to pay the bills, but this "work" is all wrong in the sense that most people are miserable or it becomes who they are. I give you the example of the Viking who is quite brilliant, a classical musical aficionado and a gentle giant of a man with a heart as large.  His job does not get in the way of his true calling of who he is, and he enjoys and cherishes who he is, and this is wonderful in God's eyes.

As for me, I happen to be the best blogger. I had no idea I would be moved to do this as blogging did not even exist when I was a child. I always liked writing and telling stories, but for this moment in time as God requires, I am a blogger.

So do the things you are already doing which delight you, because your delighted heart delights God. As for me, I have been rejected by hosts of the "always experts" who knew the way things should be done, but in blogging God changed it and blessed it, as I give God all credit as this is His Holy Spirit's working.

What I am attempting to convey is, you have a personal story. Include this in your artwork as TL and Jeanniejo when I started this, were telling me "write something about yourself". Understand though that there are predators out there who will use your personal story to attack you, but people who are good, will respond to personal information.

As you have a blog site, feature yourself on it and not me. It was kind of you to mention me, but you must grow as God intends for you. Always know that people like the exotic or different. The artist from Belgium plays well in America, and when in Belgium, "I am the artist who plays well in America".
No prophet is loved in their own country. The people will respond to a foreign voice, and a voice within their midst if they think the foreigners have recognized your genius.

Do not chase those who are established, because there is nothing in this for them, but enjoying rejecting you, as they have rejected me. Build your own following and then let your fans be your inroad past the elite.

Do not put monetary values on things, hanging paintings in the Louvre or being adored by galleries who would not recognize art unless they were told it was art.

PT Barnum of the circus success as much as if you look at Cher, Madonna and that horrid Katie Perry, are all whorish self promoters. I am not stating that one degrades oneself, but when you have artwork, think about self promoting your own showing in small  towns and cities. There are always people like you in not knowing how to become artists and this might be a self promotion which would work.
In addition, if you could gain some following this way, "the cause celeb" is an avenue where contacting some charity which plays well, that houses wealthy people who like having their photos in the paper to prove how godlike they are, could bid on a work you donate, and then suddenly your art pieces are worth in thousands of dollars, which again is your self promotion.
Be Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.....always smile and act vulnerable aloof and trusting no one, people will be attracted to that, as following around self important people like a dog only makes one look like they belong on a leash.

Write about the things you cherish, paint the things you cherish, cherish you, and you will find that people will cherish you.

In Christ, do Christian things, but do not expect your Christians audience to be any different than the condescending frauds on the right or the left.

Most of the above, I can not employ due to I need to keep distances from people and to not be caught up in the flow of popularity. I also dislike the public and fame.
The thing I can promise you though, that the only difference between you and Rembrandt is where your paintings hang. I mean by this, there were in reality 100,000 greater boxers than the late Mohammed Ali. Most of them were stuck in some junk yard, or driving truck as they never had the luxury of indulging in a sport or they simply could have cared less about boxing.
Most of the people you see in media are frauds. They are not more talented than you or any more gifted than you, and that goes for politicians or corporate heads. They either sold out for the job or they sold out for the job. Just be yourself, make success that you get up each day pleased you are doing the work you choose to do, and glorify God by it, live that day with honor and virtue, and after prayers at night, your sleep will be sweet, because this scam of having to be in this fraud media, or having to be accepted by the insiders is their exploitation of the masses and how they keep control and make money off of others.

That is what they hate about Donald Trump in he refuses to play their game when it will not benefit him. Like all people though, always put your foundation on God and Christ as They will never let you down and be always there to help you.

I am going to close this with some advice my Auntie who was around 75, never gave me but decided upon at that age. She said, "LC, I am too old for this putting up with things I do not like and people I do not like. I wasted years in that nonsense and I am doing that no more".

Of course we have to cordial in  getting along with people in being polite, but putting up with overbearing trolls is ridiculous, as much as trying to gather morons around you who are a burden. There are always these experts trolling around ready to tell you how you should do things this way or you should live your life that way, when the fact is they have never accomplished a thing and never will, and they are trying to fix your life, because they can not fix their own misery.

Pray to God for good and always be discerning enough that satan always tries to put evil into your life wrapped in an attractive package.
Always listen to God first, in having the Holy Ghost lead you through advice for the best outcome in the life God has given you. For your purpose is to choose God, discipline yourself in His Word and Teachings for Good, to have the Holy Ghost sow the Spirit of Light into your soul, and for you to become a forever Light in the Family of God.

That is all of our primary mandated work,which the majority fail at, a they want the adoration, instead of understanding it all belongs to God.

As for coming to America or for that matter Canada, it seems the doors are open. Lutheran Social Services seems open for business in that too. As long as one is not in the lowlands, Belgium seems like a nice land too, as much as the cool of Canada as it is pretty. As for America, small town America does like having their own exotic Christians too, as big city sure went insane over Obama in all images much to their regret.
Prayer though in God and confirmation is the only way to proceed. Instinct would tell me to stay out of Africa as it is a corrupt continent managed by the elite to exploit it and it is not going to be any garden in the Great Tribulation.

I sincerely hope this helps, because you are special to God and each person is special, and your vocation is serving God by nurturing you in Him. I am not some pretty thing on the shelf to be written of as I feel more like the spoon I found on a walk with TL today. it was a wrapped into a ball, gone through a gravel sifter, driven over by hundreds of tires, but I unwound it, beat on it, and sort of have it looking like a spoon again.

Now that spoon is never going to be welcome with the Queen's gold plated sets, but as I told TL and Mom, "Not much of a spoon, but when it is all you have to eat soup with, it is a pretty good spoon".

I intend to put it in a Girl Scout survival pack I purchased for a 1.50 a month ago, and hope I never have to use it in flight, but it is going to be there when I need it.

In Christ, Nuff Said