Friday, July 8, 2016

Indict Governor Mark Dayton for Dallas Murders

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The Lame Cherry calls upon the State of Texas to indict Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota for emblazoning the situation in that state when a police officer there, correctly shot to protect himself from an armed black man who took it upon himself to not obey the officer to stop reaching for his identification, after the officer had been informed the black man was armed.

Mark Dayton was stoking this situation in Minnesota for political ends by saying this would not have happened if this was "white" person, and as image Obama out of DC was again creating more racial tensions, a black warrior from the Obama sodomite military, struck back and murdered police officers in Dallas Texas.

That is the exact rhetoric which has landed Aryan Nations into prison for simply speaking it as violence was engaged in, and it is the exact rhetoric of Muslim terrorists. With Director James Comey having wasted FBI resources on the Hillary Clinton sham investigation for Comey to be rewarded in  slimy deal, according to his reverse speech quotes, this Black Lives Matter movement has gone terrorist in being backed by the Obama regime and by liberals from Minnesota in Mark Dayton.

Mark Dayton is criminally responsible for the events in Dallas Texas, and when LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy have faced consequences for their actions connected to crimes, it is time that the State of Texas formerly indict Governor Mark Dayton, and demand his extradition to face trial on a dozen counts of terrorism against the People of Texas and as many counts of homicide and attempted homicide. 

Dayton: Castile Wouldn't Have Been Shot If He Were White

Dayton: Castile Wouldn't Have Been Shot If ... Gov. Mark Dayton, Philando Castile ... if the driver had been white instead of black. Dayton is ...

I  do not blame this reactionary Micah Johnson. The entire blame for this does though lay at the bloody hands of the Obama regime. From 2008 on this Obama regime has stoked racial hatred at every opportunity in making it a media issue to promote their agenda. Blacks voted for Obama twice by 98% margins and expected mansions, and all they have received is their genocide from Planned Parenthood and from imported Muslims and Mexicans.
These Afroids have been psychologically savaged and Chicago's blood bath is but another reality of the scar blacks carry, as they are told by Kayne West hate speech that white people are the problem.

In that, justice must start as Mark Dayton is criminally responsible for the events in Dallas Texas. He is as guilty as Ossama bin Laden sending the jets to the Twin Towers. Instead of calling for calm, Dayton went out and savaged Minnesota police to the extent that it was a Latino like George Zimmerman who put down the black man there, but all it is, is white people being blamed, so it is absolutely not any surprise that a Micah Johnson would stand up and fight.

This is not what Cornell West nor Tavis Smiley ever advocated or desired. They have been the leaders of the black community and in  trying to guide these people through this Obama Abyss, have now had more infusions of violence spinning deliberately out of control.

None of this helps blacks and blacks know this. Now every police officer in America is going to be hand on the holster and any time anything appears suspicious the police will be looking for blacks, not Muslims, not Mexicans. This is the national disaster this blog warned of in 2009 and now it has appeared, because this methodical Obama regime has broken the black community and now Mark Dayton spiked the racial tensions, so that Dallas Texas which is not in Minnesota or in Louisiana where events were set off that this Dallas gathering was in protest, now has innocent people murdered and another black man's life destroyed by this heinous Obama regime of racial hatred.

Mark Dayton is not alone responsible for this, but his indictment is a start, because the reality is the Obama regime trained Micah Johnson, brainwashed Micah Johnson, and Mark Dayton as good as loaded the gun for this former Veteran.
Mark Dayton belongs in the same cell with Micah Johnson, because Mark Dayton is the political reprobate who screamed FIRE.

There is no political free speech which covers incendiary remarks in St. Paul Minnesota  to explode in death in Dallas Texas.

Indict Mark Dayton immediately.

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