Friday, July 8, 2016

America the Festering Gulag Ghetto

Gabriella Sandoval

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember awhile back when Donald Trump was smeared over Eminent Domain in which he tried to make a poor woman rich by purchasing her home to make a billion dollar development?

Do you remember the scorn Mr. Trump's father, Fred, was smeared with in the lies about who he would only rent properties to?

Yes Ted Cruz was all over this, as were those cuck frauds like Erick Erickson, but when it comes to the literal throwing people out of their homes in Nancy Pelosi's backyard in Silicon Valley, these cucks like Ben Shapiro have absolutely nothing to say about the oligarchs which funnel money to Hillary Clinton and benefit the cuckservatives.

Think of this in Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook can not import foreigners fast enough in slave labor or build walls high enough around his estates, but when it comes to Silicon Valley, those American and foreign poor there are just more trash to be disposed of.

The region that has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg and all of these oligarchs live in apostate wealth, and less than 10 minutes away, there are people homeless, made that way by this Obama Clinton socio conglomerate centralized power and money, where the billionaires have everything in the 1% and the 99% are just more rats to be exterminated.

“It’s been a tidal wave of displacement,” said Kyra Kazantzis, directing attorney of the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, a local nonprofit. “We’ve seen increasing pressure on owners to sell and redevelop.”
Kazantzis said in her 24 years at her organization, she could not recall a larger single mass eviction than the Reserve case. A spokeswoman for the city of San Jose said officials believed it was the largest of its kind in the city.

And you need only ask the people of Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington as to where liberal Jerry Brown's trash ends up, because it all gets displaced into surrounding states, while the rich who can flee have ruined every state from Missouri, to Colorado to Montana where their liberalism has been transplanted.

This is a crime against humanity in all California is. It is a nothing but a feudal state of the rich, exploiting the poor, and sucking trillions of dollars out of the world. This is not General Dynamics or some defense industry actually producing something, but it is nothing but electronic wind, which has no value, other than to addict people to the current of Facebook, profit off of it in rigged data, and promote more of this global exploitation of the 99%.

Ask yourself where is Ted Cruz? The only reason he was mouthing off in Congress last week, was to gain stage time to try to get a slot at the convention, otherwise I ask again to the Cruz voters, when was the last time you got a personal note from Mr. Cruz, since he abandoned all of you.

This is the fact in all of this, in you have remorse for the poor, but most of you are poor too and facing the same eviction or are working to try to keep a home. While the millionaires in these cucks could care less that Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown and Mark Zuckerberg are demolishing another Obama ghetto in America like Warsaw Poland.

These GOPliters and Clintonites can not smear Donald Trump fast enough, but they absolutely promote these crimes against humanity.

Where is Black Lives Matter in this?

Where is Univision?

Where is Glenn Beck?

Where is Mark Zuckerberg while humanity decays in sight of his mansions and conglomerates.

Amid this intensifying housing crisis, mobile home parks, large homeless encampments and other complexes that house vulnerable residents have faced increasing threats of closure and eviction.

And the reason there is a housing crisis for Americans is image Obama keeps importing these invaders, Clinton cheers, Ryan drools over the profits and America becomes one festering gulag ghetto.