Saturday, July 16, 2016

It is time to Purge Mike Pence on Ethics Violations

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It is time for the State Republican Delegates to the Republican National Convention to abide by the Code of Ethics as set down by the State of Florida for all Republicans, and begin with enforcing this mandate based upon the lawlessness which Mike Pence ruled with in criminal misconduct in Indiana.

Here is a list of the crimes and cover ups which Mike Pence has been a part of the past few years. Mr. Pence appears the equal to Hillary Clinton, image Obama and Loretta Lynch all rolled into one.

As an example Claytor pointed the criminal conviction in 1985 of state School Superintendent Harold Negley. He was accused of campaigning on state time.
Claytor compared that with the recent $5,000 fine levied on former state Superintendent Tony Bennett by the State Inspector General.
“Decades later,” said Claytor, “a state Superintendent uses the same type of activity, using state equipment for political purposes and gets a fine.”
Claytor also points to ethics cases involving GOP state Representative Eric Turner and former INDOT employee Troy Woodruff, cases where no penalty was applied.
In Indiana, as long as one is connected to Big Koch, Mike Pence, all types of Clinton lack of ethics ensues.

It is why the Code of Ehtics of Republicans is vital in this, as Mike Pence has violated these absolutes.

General Responsibilities of the
Republican Party of Florida:
A Party Leader shall:
Strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety;
Uphold the Code of Ethics of the Republican Party of Florida;
Conduct  all  personal  and  professional  activities  with  honesty  and  integrity,  respect, 
fairness, and good faith in a manner that will reflect well upon the Republican Party of Florida;
Comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to the management and operations of
RPOF affairs;
Avoid financial and all other conflicts of interest;
Use  this  Code  to  further  the  interests  of  the  Republican  Party  of  Florida  and  not  for  selfish or personal pecuniary reasons;
Refrain from participating in any activity that demeans the credibility and dignity of
the Republican Party of Florida except when such participation is necessary to expose unethical or illegal conduct ;
Enhance  the  dignity  and  image  of  the  Republican  Party  of  Florida  through  positive 
public information programs; and
Promote  ethical  behavior  within  the  organization  through  education  in  standards  of  conduct and principles of ethics.

Mike Pence has a history of unethical activity. When he started in politics, he played fast and loose with DONATIONS, acting like it was his personal slush fund.

Campaign finance records from his 1990 attempt to unseat a long-term Democratic Congressman show that Pence had been using campaign donations to pay the mortgage on his house, his personal credit card bills, groceries, his wife’s car payment, and even golf tournament fees.

Mike Pence has betrayed Donald Trump. It was his Big Koch insiders who leaked his being chosen by Ivanka Trump, and hemmed Mr. Trump into this disastrous decision. This falls on Paul Manafort for not revealing the ethics problems of Mike Pence to Donald Trump. This falls on Reince Preibus for not revealing the ethics problems of Mike Pence. This falls directly on Mike Pence from hiding these ethics violations in the Kingdom of Pence.

It is time for the Delegates who are under direct authority from the Republican voters to make the call to Reince Priebus, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and inform them it is time for Mike Pence to Stand Down.

It is time for the Trump campaign to announce that Mike Pence has withdrawn from the ticket, citing that with his past actions, though legal, he does not want these issues considering the criminal nature of Hillary Clinton, he does not want his activities to become an issue, providing cover for crooked Hillary.

Mr. Trump is in dire need of counsel, as Paul Manafort is responsible for this fiasco as much as Ivanka Trump, as she has been the counsel which has set these motions to this situation where the majority of the Trump voter base are now in open revolt.

For this reason it is time to purge Mike Pence on ethics violations.

House GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence learned last Thursday that Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) was having an extramarital affair, but was not informed until the weekend that the relationship involved one of Souder’s aides.
Pence told POLITICO that when he found out the affair involved a staffer, he immediately told Souder to resign.

Mike Pence needs to follow his advice and resign over his ethics violations in betraying Donald Trump.

Blame it on health, blame it on Zika Virus. The 15 minutes of Pence has passed and it is time for Donald Trump to man up, make an Executive Decision in concluding that Jamie Beutler Herrera or Cathy McMorris Rodgers belong as Vice President, and that Ivanka Trump's 3 AM advice taken from Paul Manafort have deflated the entire Trump movement.

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