Sunday, July 17, 2016

President Mike Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be a stand alone post, as such information and acknowledgment of the cartel in the GOPliters via Big Koch running a masterful art of the deal against Donald Trump should be noted and applauded, because while the attention was deliberately being diverted to the Delegates with Conscience, about three months ago the real agenda against Donald Trump was being established by Paul Manafort.
The following is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter explaining the events, and according to inquiry into the matrix, what the shadows of events will be.

The deal which was made, and why Ted Cruz was threatened with prosecution to get out of the race after Indiana, was Indiana was handed to Mr. Trump, because the pawn of Big Koch, in Governor Mike Pence was the fail safe choice all along.

As this blog exclusively reported, Mike Pence was the Koch darling before all of this began, and with the results of Mike Pence, the Vatican Catholic, owned by the cartel, it is evident that Donald Trump, the Trump kinder, and every American was manipulated in all of these staged events to put this ringer on the ticket.

Koch-Backed Mike Pence Mulling 2016 Republican Presidential Bid

Mike Pence has spent more than a decade courting the deep-pocketed small-government cadre that has come to dominate Republican politics: The Koch brothers, the Club ...

It was quite simple and skillful to put Newt Gingrich out there to draw the ire of all, and slip Pence in as the ringer in this. Princess Ivanka and the boys were conditioned to this in the trial run of removing Corey  Lewandowski. After that, whatever Manafort whispered in the Tierra wearer's ears was gospel, and now Mike Pence is going to be the 46th President of these United States.

Pence has "heard" the same things in what Newt Gingrich was caught with in reverse speech by David John Oates. For Pence blurted out, that he was ready to be President. That is what is on this man's mind, and the only way one gets to be President is with Donald Trump not as President.
This is what the Sean Hannity first interview was about, and that is what was placed directly into the matrix to build upon the common thought, because that is what is going to take place.

(Audio) Mike Pence (Donald Trumps Running Mate) Full ...


I am not going to waste time with filler here to make this a long post as most writers do. I will simply state that the time line in the Pence current reads simply as this:

Big Koch had this operation run by the GOPliters to deal with the Trump Revolution, in that they picked Mike Pence 3 months ago to be President, when everyone rejected him a year ago.

In this matrix time line, Donald Trump is going to be elected President with Mike Pence as Vice President.

Inquiry states that Donald Trump will be sworn in as President in January 2017, but will not sign one revocation of any of the Obama conglomerate executive orders.

So you get the point without having to post it, Donald Trump is sworn in as President and Mike Pence is sworn in as President on the same day.

I had a passive time line as Jeff Rense had spoken of as it was logical in a heart attack and within the first year. Instead inquiry points to a Pence time line of an immediate statement by lethal injection of lead on Inauguration Day.

This criminal mafia of the conglomerates by this read, can not allow one iota of the Trump agenda to be enacted or begun. Everything Obama stays in place. Every criminal act stays covered up and the American Genocide continues with the entire Trump voting group classified as enemies of the state.

If it comes to mind again, I will inquire as to who Mike Pence has had chosen for him as Vice President, to replace himself, when Pence is President.

Happy day really, in the Trump children by Ivanka have signed the death warrant, and they will inherit billions and America will inherit the wind.

This was a quick read out of the matrix as I am exhausted, but once again after the pieces are assembled one can ascertain this is logical, and another brilliant Tavistock Stanford live fire exercise which has been accomplished flawlessly.

Congratulations to them.

My advice is my children to prepare for the worst case scenario. I am going to watch the Cleveland Effect to ascertain if I have saved the Cop Ponies, as to what will generate there to gauge the cause and effect.
By preparation, I mean to survive in a gulag police state which will surpass the Iron Curtain of East Germany. That will mean keeping your mouth shut in silent running and not making yourself a target, as I checked Conservative Treehouse and the Mogs and morons are in full force there promoting Pence and the rest have not put together the game yet which is the Pence time line.

Just do not become despondent or depressed over this time line. It is what it is. You have Christ, so focus on Him and on behaving.

I will see what I can have the Lord accomplish through me for good. Just another day in paradise where I should be fishing perch as the waters calmly wash against the side of the boat.

Oh and FOX broadcast the Hannity sound clips of Pence talking about himself being ready to be President, but there is not a transcript of this. It is being suppressed as of this publication.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has close ties to Charles Koch's ...

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has close ties to Charles Koch's money network. But his ascension hasn't changed Koch's mind about Donald Trump, it seems.