Friday, July 1, 2016

Latest Reversals: Hillary Clinton admits to American Genocide

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are the latest reversals from David  John Oates as on the Jeff Rense program. Once again Donald Trump reveals he is the honest caring gentlemen he always is, and once again Hillary Clinton is the murderous pariah she always is.

The disturbing one is Hamrod stating that "We kill them all" meaning the elite families have carried out a genocide on Americans, and Mrs. Clinton knows it and is a part of it.

Trump on Brexit: I know it hurts

Opinion on Brexit : I am big on it.

On these illegals: Hear the past and we are slow

Mistakes on illegals: Yes and I need help pray for money

On supporting his children: Love the boss, the beloved sense the loss

Hillary Clinton on leveling with Americans: And our families kill them all

On Benghazi: I had a worry.

Benghazi internet video: In a crime that I did.

Landing under snipe fire: And I'll remember

Hillary laughing: Awesome thank you

Donald Rumsfeld on endorsing Donald Trump: I fought for a sense to give fun

On finances in companies:There is always some profit

Releasing information gathering intelligence: You fuck us

Hillary Clinton on classifying documents: I'm suicidal

If Hillary Clinton on getting off the criminal charges: So afraid

Rumsfeld on compartmentalized intelligence: Sir Bush

Countries no longer trust America:You're with the wobble

I could not vote for Mrs. Clinton: December 4th I knew

On Churchill rising to power as Trump has: Give the sword gamble

Act like a superpower in no one trusts America: Whirlwind and then we have it

David Cameron on Deliver security: Deliver us a new villain

Negotiating with EU: May Day parade

Leaving Europe: Fuck Rapunzel bring in the riddle

Paul Wolfowitz on 9 11 war: Yeah I boss him.

On evil people: Houston knows them

On Indonesia: Kill the Muslim without doubt