Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Lame Cherry Epoch of Earth

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are two cosmic events recorded in the Bible which deal with recorded earth geological cataclysm.

The first was the Noahide period of massive flood, meteorological weather change and the earth divided, which has created the earth we have today, in these odd realities of tropical vegetation in Antarctica, to sea life on the top of mountains.

The Second is the Revelation of Jesus the Christ to St. John, which correlates another period which will come, but this is one where the mountains will be flattened and the islands will flee away.

If one examines the reality of these two events on earth, one proven and one predicted, a symbiosis appears which points to the earth contracting under extraordinary forces and an earth expanding due to extraordinary forces.

There was a force which rent the earth. It introduced massive amounts of new water for a flood, and broke apart the original continent into 7, and caused these continents to drive up mile high mountains in a period of time before decay could take place, and produced pressures to preserve them as fossils.
The reality of the evidence is, this happened in weeks, and not millions of years. It is a process still taking place on small scale as these mountains still rise inches each year do to the contraction of the earth, which points to a cooling of the molten core.

Could a massive increase of weight cause a compression of the earth, when combined with sandwiching earth between the sun's gravity and a foreign body's gravity? Yes.

In reverse, could the earth being pulled by solar gravity and a foreign body's gravity, cause a removal of the original earth water, and so stretch earth to cause mountains to flatten and islands to flee? Yes.

This is the magma contraction magma expansion or the Lame Cherry Epoch, once again in exclusive matter anti matter.