Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lesson Complete For Today

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering when the tide would turn and these LaVoy Finicum martyrs and these Micah Johnson suicidists would actually mutate into the Andres Breivik type. That is not to state that Andres Breivik had it all on the bubble either, because he stood around and made the Norwegian people his servants for the next few years........but the examination of this is  the Oswald Factor.

By this it is explained, in this Kim Kardashian Kayne West, centerfold for attention social media, is it possible for someone to keep their mouth shut, isolate themselves as Andres Breivik did, but actually instead evolve beyond Breivik to the Dallas Grassy Knoll of 1963, in an operation which engaged in these protocols of the intelligence and special forces operations.

1. Creating false leads to keep the authorities and public from discovering a Mosaad Operation.
2. Locating an operational zone, to lure targets into.
3. Operational zone with two absolute escape routes.
4. Leaving a patsy to be framed for the event.
5. Securing heavy diversionary firepower, I/R plastik, in pre positioned locations and targets.
6. Leaving the authorities in operational blind and deaf mode.
7. Keeping silent in not speaking of said operation or expressing realities of political positions on social media.

This is what is termed in the Oswald Factor, as named after Lee Harvey Oswald, is a three dimensional world of how counter intelligence conducts operations. As is witnessed by the martyrs and suicidists, there is not any consideration of doing anything but making oneself the target, which ends up in most cases in one being placed 6 feet under the sod.
Andres Breivik being prepared is now a guest of Norway, but if one notes the most prominent operations in the past generations, the misdirection has always the party responsible not even realized by the public, while someone like Ronald Reagan gets blamed for Iran Contra and HW Bush ends up in the White House.

It is the martyr and the suicidist who resort to being disarmed or chosing a weapon to empower them, before death, which are the group always triggered and so much mutton. Andres Breivik was a reynard, but was a fox captured in his own trap, as for all of his planning, he had no exit strategy, because he desired to be granted the credit and acclaim, as this was the main psychological point in his conduct.

It is the difference in the former discipline of Special Operations and Intelligence work to this prominent group factored in by the psychological profiling of Tavistock and Standford.
Vladmir Putin, as a KGB operative did not have to write a book bragging that he stood beside Ronald Reagan in Moscow, and the only reason we know anything of it, is a photo was taken of the event. Otherwise to this day, the professional which Vladimir Putin is, has not mentioned anything of his illustrious service to Mother Russia.
Just as one does not hear HW Bush bragging about his sub operational groups and all of their activities. It is a matter of discipline and the surest sign of the lack of discipline is glory whores or those who choose a firearm for a grande Bastille Day fireworks celebration.

There is matter of forensic psychology that the bigger the weapon, the smaller the dick mentally the perpatraitor has. Sheik bin Laden in chosing jets and towers had a small dick as much as triangulated sniper wash out Micah Johnson had a small dick.

Dallas police revealed their dick size in devolving to murder those who murder their officers. None of that though has to be hidden, as intimidation is the weapon of terror in the police state. Some events get image Obama down to Dallas for crocodile tears and some just get an unmarked grave.

From an operational review standpoint, LaVoy Finicum and Micah Johnson are the types of operations if an agent were involved which would have them demoted to dick sucker of some 3rd world beasty for their career.
A correct operation is one where one is never suspected, someone else is the suspect and target, and one disappears to the unemotional approval of their superiors.

That though is where each of you is missing this, because for the unprofessional nature of Finicum and Johnson, you have missed the group which owns Obama and Clinton, who are running these operations and diverting all of your attention from them.

So the Oswald Factor is involved in this, but everyone on the outside is so much a part of the rats in the maze, that they never consider the maze, as this multi media has the casts and cats so confused that everyone thinks they are the all knowing always expert, until it is all pointed out to them, and then being aware, the embarassing reality slaps them, they recoil, and then go into denial and shut down and the liberty vanishes and they crawl back into the maze with the other rats all pretending they are not rodents.

Lesson complete for today.