Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lose the Intrigue Mr. Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Respectfully to President Elect Donald Trump...........

Below is the Washington Posts glowing intrigue for their Bob Woodward MKULTRA operation.

Donald Trump is increasingly intrigued by the idea of tapping retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn to project strength and know-how on national security, according to four people familiar with the vetting process.
Flynn, 57, a registered Democrat but fierce critic of President Obama, previously ran the Defense Intelligence Agency.

 Below is the face of what Americans will be put off by for the rest of this election.

Sour and Dour by the Hour

 People are miserable enough without having to look at something democrat that looks like Hillary Clinton's angry hemorrhoid. No one votes for angry, pulsating roids.

Lose the intrigue Mr. President, as for all of the pluses, you will be finding these minuses.

Flynn is Political Minder who was raised through the ranks of the Clintons, Bush's and Barack Hussein Obama for the Sodom Pentagon.

Mr. Trump you put anything on the Presidential ticket with the stench of Hillary Clinton as Newt Gingrich posing for photos with Hamrod of the anal stink of Mike Flynn serving bent over for Obama, in the thought this will appeal to Democrats, you leave out these factors.

James Webb gained absolutely no traction among Democrats, only you Mr. Trump gained traction.

There is a group called the Right Wing, which is your entire base, and the only reason by God that you are President. The Right Wing must have a Conservative and not an Obama Bender to placate the last doubt they have in you, of the Cruz whispers in if you really are a Republican.
Mike Flynn opens up every doubt again sown against you Sir, and that includes trying to win this for Hamrod.

Your voters Mr. Trump, did not go through this hell  to see Paul Manafort have your tykes assassinate Corey Lewandowski, and now to have an Obama Sodomite Political Minder as your Vice President.

Mike Flynn will bring in zero Democrat votes. Mike Flynn will peal off 2 to 5 million of your voters though who will either stay home or vote Constitutionalist , or be morons and go left with the Libertarians.

Choosing a general is a sign of campaign weakness and it always ends in defeat.

Senator Jeff Sessions is absolutely wrong in advocating for Mike Flynn. His dynamics of another old white guy is the cliche charge against the Republicans and it sticks because of Bush fam intrigue. I repeat myself, the best candidate is Rep. Jamie Beutler of Washington State.
She is accomplished, has a voting base, female, attractive, young, is associated with Rep. Cathy Rodger, her mentor, who should be the Speaker to replace traitor Paul Ryan.

If Mr. Sessions is such a fan of Mike Flynn, then place Mr. Flynn as Assistant Sec. of State, and put him on a jet with Dr. Henry Kissinger on January 20, 2017 AD in the year of our Lord for Moscow and open detente with President Putin, but that is all. Mike Flynn has NO political base for people to elect him. He was part of the Pentagon which has slaughtered our Soldiers under Obama, gave away Bush victories in the war on terror, and has overseen the American Veteran's suicidal demise.
....and then Jeff Sessions should do what he does best in picking Stephen Miller after Michelle Bachmann picked.

Lt. General Michael Flynn is a Political Minder, which means he is an intelligence asset and only rose to power bending at the waist for the cartel.

If you can handle the Truth, Mr. President, Mike Flynn was handpicked as numerous MOG's to mind the political trolls running for the White House. Flynn has accomplished his mission well Mr. Trump as he has your trust and Jeff Session's belief.

Float the idea Mr. President and then let it drop, because Mike Flynn is of a group of GOPliters and Obama voters meant to hand this over to President Hillary Clinton.

First question Mr. Trump which Mike Flynn will get is, "General you voted twice for Bill and Hillary Clinton right?"

The Lt. General will proudly say YES or be hounded in waffling over it as voters will be reminded of your campaign donations and posing with Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, and then Hillary runs this ad until November shaving the Republican base from you.

Yes let us remind  the voters of ugly Michelle Obama, ugly Holly Cruz, ugly Hillary Clinton and ugly Pocahontas.

Nuff Said