Sunday, July 10, 2016

An Open Letter to Dallas County District Attorney, Susan Hawks

Dear District Attorney Hawk,

In noting your fine record in both serving from the bench and in the courts, in protecting the citizens of Texas, especially the children, it is with this foundation in which this correspondence is sent, in a request if a Grand Jury could be convened to investigate the background in the tragic shooting of Dallas Police Officers this past week.

To be more exact, DA Hawks, I manage a blog and was in the process of covering this story in focusing on the Minnesota event, due to the reckless political treatment which Governor Mark Dayton was inflaming this situation, when the tragedy in Dallas took place.
It was in this that I first postulated that the State of Texas should indict Mark Dayton for his part in this and to send the message that this type of political grandstanding is dangerous, which has now proven correct for the people of Texas.
There have now been calls by one of your noted citizens in Jim Tex Marrs for Mr. Dayton to resign, and there is an online petition for such an action, but this is not going to do justice to the citizens in Dallas.

For background in this, Governor Dayton has a history in the US Senate of uttering wild accusations, and as governor in Minnesota, a few months ago, Mr. Dayton told Minnesotans to get out of the state, if they did not like all of the illegal immigrants which he was importing.

It was though his inflammatory statements in Minnesota on the day of the Dallas attacks which was what I was covering, which were so disturbing. This Governor attacked his police force for political gain and then stated that if the victim was white, he never would have been shot by the police. He has since had to walk that back with "I meant a white perp", but the damage has been done to Dallas, and from a layperson's perspective DA Hawks, if the Obama White House can blame a video for the Benghazi attacks and place that individual in prison, then there is absolutely not any difference in what Mark Dayton undertook, in he took a situation, politicized it, inflamed it, and in Texas people are dead for it.

This is why I am asking if a Grand Jury could be convened to investigate and indict Mark Dayton for his part in this, as his actions caused the attacks in Dallas, and as of this morning St. Paul, the Minnesota capital has protestors clashing with police.

Cornell West has stated that the response to the original shootings was weak. That is why I advocate for a clear message to be sent in indicting Governor Dayton. This is not about political free speech when it incites violence. By this indictment, a prosecution would probably never take place, but it would send a message which would be one of law and order and those who think they can exploit events like this, and then people are harmed, are going to know that if Mark Dayton ever sets foot in Texas for the rest of his life, he will be arrested and held for trial.
I believe that message must be sent and it would be the start of quelling those inflaming this in stopping the violence.

In addition, I have called for the indictment of Mark Zuckerberg, as his Facebook was the platform for this group and they were advocating violence. It would do the elite who think they are above the law a service in educating them, that their politics and profiteering does have a price when Texans are harmed.

Thank you for your time in reading this as it is much appreciated.