Saturday, July 9, 2016

Micah Xavier Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry considers it fortunate that Micah Xavier Johnson brought out into the light what the Obama regime has been conducting in the shadows of the American Genocide.

You do remember where this all began right?

Dallas Shooting Suspect Micah Xavier Johnson Was Former Army ...

One of the suspects in the ambush-style shooting in Dallas that left five police officers dead overnight served in the U.S. Army Reserve. The suspect told ...

It all began in the Obama beer garden party in 2009.

You remember it right? That crazy ass PBS professor Obama black voter, going insane at cops. Henry Louis Gates went psycho on his porch at Irishman Sgt. James Crowley, and Birther Hussein highlighted lawlessness by commending Gates, dragging Crowley to the White House, and having a beer with Joe Biden.

Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy - Wikipedia, the free ...

Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley. Date: July 16, 2009: Location: ... "Beer Summit" President Obama called both men on July 24, ...

That of course was built upon Obama Black Panther intimidation of blacks across America from Chicago, to Philadelphia to all of Texas, and you remember Attorney General Eric Holder swept it all aside and destroyed the whistle blowers.......but went after white Governor Rod Blagojevich.

New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case - Wikipedia ...

The New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case is a political controversy in the United States concerning an incident that occurred during the 2008 election.

This brought America  Black Wilding in Wisconsin against White Americans, and Treyvon Martin where Whites were blamed for a black hispanic shooting a psycho Martin, again Ferguson Missouri in Whites blamed again in a cop shooting a giant psycho trying to murder the cop........then what was it Maryland and more smacking cops around who killed another black criminal..........and Rahm Emanuel gunning down blacks in Chicago like mosquitoes before the midnight spraying.

The Obama regime has had a target on them White folks from the start, and from droning American, to gunning down LaVoy Finicum and the FBI blaming the Oregon State Police for that murder, it has been nothing but the puppy press spinning propaganda for the Obama regime mass murder and mass smearing of Caucasians in America.

What brought on Dallas? Why of course Obama liberal Governor Mark Dayton deliberately spiking the emotional tide of a black being shot in Minnesota, as that is what the protest in Dallas was all about. Yes protest in Dallas for a shooting in Minnesota over 1000 miles away.
Hell, go on Facebook and you discover that Mark Zuckerberg has been hosting this site which calls for assassinations of White leadership around the world and the real gem of mass murdering all Whites if blacks are not GIVEN what the Negroid thinks they deserve by entitlement.

It is the reality though that Micah Johnson is simply the manifestation of the Obama war on blacks. Throwing blacks out of work. Importing Muslims and Mexicans to replace blacks. Blacks being butchered by Obama  Planned Parenthood to the Chicago PD, and one has an entire American community which thought it was going to get mansions to live in, instead turned into 3rd world terrorists who have been brainwashed after all this beer garden brainwashing to target Whites.
Johnson simply put into plain sight, what the Obama regime is designing for all America. If it is not the police state murdering the White race, then it will be the Muslim or Mexican murdering and raping Caucasians to oblivion, and if not them, then it will be Chicom invaders or Russians, and those Dallas cops are but the first installment, like Fort Hood was in 2009, as whatever the Obama regime induces to carry out the American Genocide, the first targets are going to be the badge wearers and their flashing light bulls eye cars.

So Micah Johnson is an enlightenment. He is Kayne West's hate with Chris Dorner's gun. He is the twilight's last gleaming, coming out of the Obama night shadows. Micah Johnson is simply the manifestation of Chicago black liberation, Jeremiah Wright in "god damn America".

Perhaps for a moment the Dallas police became aware of the American Genocide. Perhaps Caucasian Americans became aware by Micah Johnson that they really are targets, because when the Obama regime murders people, it is always by stealth and conning someone else to take the blame, so the public convinces themselves of the lie that their murder is really not happening.

There is nothing like for White Americans to have the creepy feeling of perhaps a gun sight is on their back and that step will be the last. That is what the glimpse Micah Johnson afforded. With LaVoy Finicum, the Whites could always say, "Well I am not a Conservative, I am not with the Bundy's, I am not in Oregon, so I could never be the target". It is a different reality when Micah Johnson enlightens all that the Obama regime has had your death sentence dictated in mass from Day One.

Seeing will be believing. Dallas and it's suburbs are feeling reality at this moment, like the lesson I learned at age 4 of what it was like to be huddled in the dark, in an interior room, as gun fire was targeting all the windows with lights on.
Yes there is nothing like being shot at a little bit, seeing the effects of high powered bullets on the body animal, and blood obeying gravity in find a course, while the flies those damn flies always come in the symphony of death.

Micah Johnson is not the awakening of Americans to their genocide, but that uncomfortable twitch in sleep as a nightmare begins and you are frozen in the security of your home, trying to tell yourself that you are still safe and that which your mind is screaming is coming, is already there.

The cartel will allow this to degrade to what it desires, as the target of Dallas is Cleveland in the Donald Trump Republican Convention, as the Cleveland police have told the GOP that the police will not protect the Republicans as for some coincidental reason the NAACP is going to be holding their own gathering in Cleveland at the same time.
Yes someone is beckoning for more, and more will come as the Sanders Caucasians attempt to do in Philadelphia what the Afroid is being prompted to accomplish in Cleveland.

What do you think with James Comey and Loretta Lynch's security hope for Donald Trump to look like Chris Stevens dragged through the street or are they more interested in Democratic Chicago 1968......this time by hired Blackwater guns, because the Hillary Police Union is standing down for the riot.

Who knows though maybe Ted Cruz playing coy for the Cleveland convention had olde Reince Priebus invite him for Bush fam, and it will be Ted Lives Do Not Matter as he is the Chris Stevens encore in the streets of Cleveland, in what could be more final solution than a command performance turned  into final performance by Jeb Bush for Jeb 2020.
See pretty soon you too are signing onto the Obama genocide coming out of the closet shadows in the dark to give you the realization of what the grim reaper looks like, and the great news is the scythe is out for you and you know it, because the shining gleam off the blade has finally convinced you that seeing is believing.

There is  always a silver lining in the darkest of Obama eclipses. Who knew with all the words posted warning of Obama and Clinton that a few powder flashes would start a PHD course of educating you to believe all what you have been in denial over.

 Silver in the bank, Wall Street gold and cheap lead cashes you in.

Let's sing some hot Jews sex music as your epitaph.

Kiss - Love Gun 2006 Live Video - YouTube

Love Gun (Album 1977) Kiss - Love Gun "Vh1 Rock Honors" 2006 Live Concert at Mandalay Bay Events Center of Las Vegas, USA Paul Stanley - Guitar, Vocals

 Gaytube exclusion as we is celebrating 21st century genocide.