Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Trump Ship of State

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It is important to quote sometimes media accounts like Politico as the revelations hidden there are quite shocking to Conservatives in a meeting which President Elect Donald Trump had with the Republican Congress.

This quote still stuns me as it explains why the Republican Party is loathed and detested by the American Right, and why the People embrace Donald Trump.

Republicans find themselves grappling with Trump’s policy stances on trade and immigration, which run counter to everything they stand for. Many dislike that he wants to close off borders, and they abhor the idea of a religious test for entering this country, such as Trump’s hugely controversial call for a ban on Muslim immigration.

So Republicans are exactly like Hillary Clinton in wanting invaders in America to profit off of for their Chamber of Commerce and are so whored out to Muslim oil money, that a "religious test" is what America should have in allowing in only Protestants as America is a Christian nation, as proven by Obama culture clash.

This is another quote which stuns me from the Right Wing Freedom Caucus:

The House Freedom Caucus for months has been seeking an audience with Trump in informal talks with his campaign. Most of their members want to press him on his conservative bona fides, though a few of them are Trump surrogates and have tried to set up the meeting. So far, Trump's campaign hasn't scheduled a session, and discussions about doing so during his current visit didn't pan out.

Yes the group which was too cowardly to take the Speakership after forcing out John Boehner and giving America the TRAITOR Paul Ryan assisting Hillary Clinton's campaign is looking to press Mr. Trump on his Conservativism..........what the hell about these pinkos manning up and proving they are Americans!!!

This is the disconnect with the American People and the real danger, as it is the Republican Party which is weighing down and sabotaging President Elect Donald Trump and not the other way around. These Big Koch whores on their knees fostering liberalism at the Aspen Institute are the problem in the GOP, because they are joined to Obama in genociding Americans.

There is hope in this though in of course an American Woman leading the way in Representative Cathy Rodgers who issued this American Founders statement concerning Donald Trump.

GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.) released a statement calling the meeting "a productive opportunity for Mr. Trump and House Republicans to unify around their shared goal for November: bringing new leadership to the White House and doing all we can to defeat Hillary Clinton."
She said Trump took questions from about 20 lawmakers over roughly 40 minutes. "For many, it was their first introduction, and it was a positive step toward winning in the fall," McMorris Rodgers said.

This is one of the chief reasons I advocate one of the two Washington Representatives for Vice President and the other as Speaker to replace the treacherous Paul Ryan.

It is the reality that Donald Trump is the boat all of us are in the middle of this ocean. There is no chopping this boat up and building another one on the waves. This is the ship of state we have, and by him, we are going to win, or American Genocide follows.

I will put this again in my personal construct of getting rid of the fat old white men like Newt Gingrich, except at places like curator of the Smithsonian, is Cathy Rodgers belongs as Speaker of the House to lead the Trump legislative agenda. In this construct again, I put forward Jamie Beutler as the energetic, sound Conservative of multiple ethnic background as Vice President. Representative Beutler is already working with Representative Rodgers and this is how one quickly passes the Trump Agenda for making America great again.
In this, we will then have 8 year to groom Vice President Beutler to become the next President after Mr. Trump.

These two American Women reflect the Republican Party base in who America is and where Americans are moving toward. I do not place this as a debate point, as whatever sail Mr. Trump hoists to his boat to bring us into port as Vice President is the one we will be powered by, I simply point out that Cathy Rodgers is 1000 times the Representative Paul Ryan is and would be a million times the Speaker.

I am not running the construct though and I do view these two women as interchangeable as Speaker and Vice President. They are Republicans who have actually accomplished Conservative agendas in the sea of liberalism. The Republican Party is going to have to be purged of these Chamber of Commerce whores who get their Paul Ryan pimp fees from Big Koch or Big Saud.

I have though like all Americans have had it with the betrayal of American values. Donald Trump is the ship with the majority of voters who have brought us out of the black hole of Calcutta of Bush fam. There is no going back to that death trap of political disease. We now have to bring this Trump ship of state to port as it is our only choice, as there is not going to be any 2020 GOP after this. Either we unite behind Donald Trump or the GOP goes the way of the fringe Green party, as Americans give up and the elite finally get their homegrown terrorism as an excuse to exterminate the last Americans.

............and Donald Trump was exactly right in Saddam Hussein was a bad man, who did a great deal of good in killing lots of terrorists, like Col. Khadaffi, like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and like President Assad of Syria.
Either one allows Nationalist Muslims to kill their terrorists in supporting their rule, or you get 9 11 by cartel forces, dragging America into wars where America has to do the killing and more Americans get murdered.

That is reality and America can not resurrect on the homicide of Obama Clinton Ryan policies with Bush fam which has brought these compounded Jimmy Carter disasters to the bring of World War IV.

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