Wednesday, July 13, 2016

my kingdom for a putin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Captain Kirk dropped a note with this:

Hi LC - saw a story the Putin has outlawed evangelism outside of a church ( I'm a bit concerned - has he turned away from God and his mission He has planned for him?
I also wanted you to know I appreciate all your hard work - especially recently (seems like you've been averaging 5 or 6 posts a day for several weeks/months now). That's a lot of work on our behalf. Please get your rest and watch your health as we cannot afford to lose you. Please also say "Hi" to TL for me.

God bless, comfort and refresh you and yours.

This interested me and inquiry confirmed that what this is, is Vladmir Putin protecting the Russian Orthodox Church and himself, because just imagine now those Obama trolls as what was it the Bush trolls decided to bastardize the Christian evangelicals to use them to subvert North Korea, and are busy in Russia running an intelligence operation to spread revolution in Mother Russia.

I have been contemplating today in changing the Lame Cherry to an all perch fishing site or maybe I will just write short stories. Those in power just do not like being told things  Start thinking about throwing me into confinement or grabbing my loin cloth and sending me away neckid.

Yes mam, Russia got spies outside the Church and America got sodomites in the pews, pulpits and the GOP throwing shindings.

Putin Ask Monks to Pray for Russians Killed in Syria

President Vladimir Putin has visited a famed Russian monastery to pray for Russian servicemen killed in Syria.
New York Times3 days ago