Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pensive on Pence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is what instinct tells me without inquiry one what Mike Pence is. It can be summed up in the line I coined:

"It is hard to tell Mike Pence from Newt Gingrich, because beyond the fat old white guy with white hair, you have the same guy who made the Faustian deal with the conglomeratists".

- Lame Cherry

What I am going to start with is what I stated, and that I am voting for Donald Trump. I though am at a point that I have saved Mr. Trump several times from assassination, from himself, from others, and TL and I have worked to exhaustion doing the job "his people" thought was just happening and the Trump children think they inherited as it was their birthright, that none of what is now in this Pence construct is my concern.
I will work on the objective of what I stated in defeating Jeb Bush, which was done, and now defeating Hamrod Clinton. As Mr. Trump has shown not any regard for the people he sent feelers out to early to make them think he was one of the Birther, what Mr. Trump constructs in the matrix is his responsibility as this spins out beyond his control.

I have not run the numbers on this, but it is a given that Mr. Trump's life line is now on a short clock, just as Ronald Reagan's was with HW Bush, that got Mr. Reagan assassinated in the first political cycle. I see Mike Pence as Donald Trump's deal with the devil to get the GOPliters on board, and once they become involved, your soul is theirs to collect and I presume that you are looking at the LBJ, GHWB of the Trump administration in Mike Pence as your President sometime in the next few years.

That stated, it means the following in one hopes Wisconsin boots Paul Ryan out of the House, but the fact is Mike Pence is Paul Ryan, as they suck from the same treacherous conglomerate, chamber of commerce fount, committing genocide on all Americans.

Trump Names Pence As VP - Not Too Smart
Pence A Huge Supporter Of Free Trade - Huh?
Pence Backed Every Free Trade Deal In 15 Yrs
Mike Pence On Immigration

I simply did not sign up for this, and the Lame Cherry makes the point to all the cuckservatives, in Donald Trump chose your white haired Ted Cruz, and I am not following, as Rush Limbaugh stated the Trump supporters did not care what Donald Trump did........and yet we witness across the board from Alt Right, the Rense group, to women in media. that all of the Trump supporters have stopped in their tracks, and as Donald Trump and Ivanka walk off into the sunset with Ed Rollins and Paul Manaforts GOPliter panhandler in Mike Pence, they can keep on walking as we are not following.

I honestly have not run the time lines in this, but I know as I have posted previously that if forces desire to harden Mr. Trump, that his family will be victimized to bring about the Ivan the Terrible product. I just keep thinking as I type this in God being furious with leaders who quit trusting Him and making deals with the tools of satan in shortcuts that always bring insurrection and war.

Donald Trump neglected in the art of the deal with being honest with his supporters. If he would have told them, "Look I have been blackmailed to get the nomination and to stop a riot in Cleveland, I have to take Mike Pence, in they cartel hoped they could snooker you that Pence is not Gingrich or Christie", it would have played a great deal better.

Now there is the simple reality in everything the Trump supporters have fought against in Cruz Cult was ushered in by Mr. Trump and we are being told to accept the chains, and we are as intelligent children well aware that Mr. Trump now has his replacement who will take orders from Big Koch.

Koch-Backed Mike Pence Mulling 2016 Republican Presidential Bid

Mike Pence has spent more than a decade courting the deep-pocketed small-government cadre that has come to dominate Republican politics: The Koch brothers, the Club ...

So we all know what the hades went on here, so do not expect us to string up a lively dirge at the funeral pyre which is coming.

I highly doubt I am going to watch anything of the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Perhaps the best signal of the American Nations angst over Mike Pence will be everyone tuning out to record low numbers. The only interest I have now in Cleveland is that the Cop Ponies are not harmed by Soros rioters. The place can burn and be covered in blood for all that works out as this is out of my hands, as it moves to a phase of the Education of Donald Trump and his children, in what happens when one robs Peter to pay Paul.

Mike Pence is not going to appeal to anyone now or in time, because he is the GOPliter disease now infected the Trump campaign, as Madam Ivanka is running this brothel for her Ashkenaz husband.

It all ends with, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson or any of the other genocidists. I am stuck riding the horse out of this death valley as all of us are, but our just brought along the mule with the small pox blankets packed on his back.

....and I have yet to see the Trump campaign try to assure his entire base or have Mike Pence try and convince every one of us, that he somehow is not the nation rapist pimp his entire political career worshiped at the knee of Big Koch.

I fulfill the mission in defeating Hillary Clinton and my part is over in I will not hold this together, and I am not so deluded as the Cruz Cult in thinking after all of this work that there is ever going to be some reward in it for the Lame Cherry. The Trump kinder already proved they like rushing in an stealing other people's toys unearned.