Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Weaponized Tim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If ye have faith and doubt not, ye shall do as to the fig tree, and if ye say to this mountain, be moved and cast into the sea, it will  be.

I am not going to mention by name the friend who was wondering how to figure out how to use Tim Rifat's crystal chargers, but they will know in this post that I have not forgotten them or what they wrote of, even if I mentioned it in part in passing what will now be almost a month ago.

What I am going to explain is going to sound Biblically simple, but there is a process in this which is 3rd eye, eye wide open.
Every person is an electronic charge. Some charges can produce evil, some can produce good, but all produce a charge. Some charges might heal, some might induce others to do their will and some might connect to others effectively.......they also might mirror in the sense some might energize or some might be soul suckers, or vampires, which has now spread all over the internet, after it was first diagnosed and spoken of by the Lame Cherry, years ago.

Non living objects like dousing rods or Rifat crystals carry charges, but not to the point of things happen in having them around. Like the Ephod which was a power gem structure to inquire of God with, some are amplification devices or in the measure of a diving cup, there is not current there, but all this device allows is for you to clear your mind, disassociate yourself with your awake mind, so your awakening 3rd eye will be allowed to "see" or "project".
TL mentioned that fluoride calcifies the 3rd eye, so there has been a process by the cartel to stop the Spiritual ability of Americans whom God has been breeding since Abraham.

In most cases, a Tim Rifat crystal, allows you to stop doubting, disassociate from yourself your self taught barriers, so your energy level will begin to flow, so your will flows into the matrix.

There are other people's wills, demonic wills and amplifications, as much as God and the Holy Angels. If you observe though, the disciples were told to project their will in belief and not hinder that will by doubt, which draws your aura energy wave back in, and things will begin to manifest......and you must be bright enough to have end points built into your will, or it can begin to outgrow what you will, as much as some energy charges begin absorbing energies and become a sort of creature.

It is not so much figuring out how to do things, but EXPECTING what you are thinking will be accomplished, as a General giving an order to an army, and expecting results as you go treat it like a missile launch, in the missile is your thought, going to target, and believing it will strike.

I have been working on an issue in this, and believe by the Holy Ghost to have the Inspiration, in it has to do with a particular heinous person whose energy wave are quite murderous. It seemed no matter what I attempted, nothing was stopping this harmful attacks which have been taking place for years. I started though picturing in my mind like a syringe full of light injecting into that person, into evil entities and as Light overcomes darkness, the effects were positive.
Understand in some cases when you want revenge, want evil to happen to some types, that they feed on this energy, become stronger, and keep coming back.....sort of like Kim Jong Un being taught by Carter, Clinton and Obama that if you misbehave, good bribes come your way. So that bad energy keeps coming back, feeding on the harmful events which it is initiating, causing you to feed the dark flow.

It takes a bit to get used to the reality of it, because there are often times opposing forces thwarting your will or satan giving you an easy win to make you think it is always that easy.

That is about all I feel moved to fill in on this subject for now.......and no I have not forgotten about the weaponized orgone. Is more of matter in how to address it.