Monday, July 11, 2016

Philando Castile: A Black in the Wrong Obama Time and Wrong Dayton Place

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Let us just express the reality that if Bernie Sanders of Donald Trump were President, Philando Castile would be alive today, instead of dead, being exploited by image Obama and Jesse Jackson, causing more Americans to be slaughtered, because the fact is that the real reason Philando Castile was dead, is because he was being exploited by the liberal Governor Mark Dayton low wage Minnesota Education Association, where college diploma teachers get the high wages, and liberal school systems hire the Nigger to do the Nigger work.

Philando Castile did not have any money, to purchase a better car that did not look like a dope car, because Mark Dayton was keeping him like all the poor, in debt and at slave wages, while the teachers unions and Dayton conglomerate industry have all the money.

That is the FACT in this. Philando Castile was the 99% like the rest of us, and Mark Dayton is the 1%, like Jesse Jackson, like the Obamas and like all these liberals who are flooding America with foreigners, to get men like Philando Castile fired and replaced by some fresh off the boat terrorists to serve Disney or Facebook.

Philando Castile Is Remembered By St. Paul Public Schools ...

"Saint Paul Public Schools and its staff grieve the tragic death of a former student and current employee, Philando Castile. "He graduated from Central ...
Look at that NPR headline and understand that Philando Castile was Mark Dayton's Nigger. Mark Dayton and democrats in Minnesota could not give a damn about the poor in Minnesota, as much as the Obama Clinton liberals do not give a living wage to the poor, to keep them poor.
At least Bernie Sanders spoke as Donald Trump did in giving the poor a living wage, and Mr. Trump advocates returning jobs to America, good paying jobs, so that Philando Castile would not be stuck in a Mark Dayton wage gulag, and his services would then be in need at General Mills to IBM or one of the other high power conglomerates in the Twin Cities as a chef.
The mother of Philando Castile is wrong in her assessment that her son was a  black in the wrong place.

Philando Castile's mother: He was 'black in the wrong place ...

Philando Castile's girlfriend live-streamed on Facebook the moments ... when they talked about his job in a school cafeteria and what he was saving ...
Because all blacks are in the wrong Obama community organized now. 

Every black now thinks because Obama is in the White House acting hood, that they can disregard police in acting the same way. The reason Philando Castile was killed, was because he was not earning enough due to liberals exploiting him and all blacks for their votes, so he had a bad car, and like all blacks thinks he can be an idiot like Kanye West mouthing off and doing ghetto bling in another exploitation of them, as Jesse Jackson was absolutely silent for these almost 8 Obama years, in not getting one damn thing for blacks, because Jackson and Obama had it all.

It is chump change for the democrats now to speak of 15 dollar wages, because everyone knows that 15 dollars means jack shit in the robot age. Give it 5 years, and Mark Dayton will have all his Niggers unemployed and robots serving lunch to the privileged kids of the Minnesota educational system.

Philando Castile was mistaken for an armed robber, because of his Mark Dayton ghetto car, his Kayne West bling and because this black man was not informed enough to sit still in a car when police are giving you orders, or intelligent enough to go down to the police department to speak with the Chief and say something like, "Sir, I am being mistaken for an armed robber, and I do not want to get shot. Could I please to a meet and great with your officers. I have printed up from my school a flier showing my car, my license and my ID, so that they will understand it is me."

Then the Police Chief would say, "That is good Mr. Castile, but get your tail lights fixed so you do not get stopped and pulled over in the first place."

Affirmative Action law enforcement does not mix well with an Affirmative Action public or Affirmative Action police force.

So the reality is as Obama has been in control of the police state, the economy, for almost 8 years, and his liberal puppet of Mark Dayton has been in charge of Minnesota keeping the black man down, while importing hosts of foreigners to replace Philando Castile, that the blood of Mr. Castile is on image Obama and Mark Dayton's hands, as Mark Dayton has been forcing blacks into bad jobs, and Mark Dayton has in his educational system exploiting blacks like Philando Castile.

Governor Mark Dayton uttered the racism of his own black soul in telling the world that Philando Castile would not be dead if he was white, and then the murders in Dallas took place. Let us expand this that if politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were in office, Philando Castile would not be dead, because he would have had a job which would have had him in a ride that did not look like a ghetto car.

Philando Castile would be alive as a black man if not for Mark Dayton and liberal Minnesota and liberal Obama policies. That is the fact which this liberal smear and spin will not face, because a majority of the cime which happens in the Twin Cities is crime coming out of Rahm Emanuel Chicago, as an entire hub of syndicate groups fan out to surrounding states, including Kansas City,  Omaha, St. Louis and Cleveland.

This entire police state which Obama and Dayton blame, is the police state which they created to protect their economic rapine and the reality is, it is not funded by these liberals, but these liberals instead use the police as gangsters on the highways to rob people in traffic tickets at over 6 billion dollars a year.

These blacks are dying, because they are being exploited to low wages, being exploited to not be educated, being exploited by the Kayne West brainwashing and exploited by the regimes for their votes in keeping them poor and helpless, so they can be genocided by Planned Parenthood and replaced with these hordes of Obama Dayton terrorists sucking up welfare and even more jobs.

Philando Castile is dead, because he was in the wrong image Obama time and in the wrong Mark Dayton place. Mark Dayton and the Obama regime are guilty of multiple homicides and it is time that fact and responsibility be spoken.

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