Monday, July 11, 2016

What Did Hillary Clinton Offer Mark Dayton For the Murders in Dallas

What did Mark Dayton know and when did He know it???


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For everyone who has forgotten, you do remember Bill and Hillary Clinton, blowing up camels in wag the dog right.........Dustin Hoffman made a move on order to change the subject off of Monica Lewinsky?

You do remember "a crisis too good to waste" from Rham Emanuel right?

Somehow though you have now in the Black Lives Matter murders of police in Republican Dallas Texas, all of you have forgotten about Hillary and James Comey in EMAILGATE, forgotten about Orland homosexual terrorism mass shootings, and are so distracted now in Nigger Terror, that you forgot all about image Obama trying to start nuclear world war in Europe with Vladimir Putin.

Ask yourself, how is it that liberal Governor Mark Dayton, the importer of terrorists, the leader who told White Minnesotans to get out of the state for the foreigners just coming in, just happened to spike a Minnesota shooting of a citizen by a police officer, to enrage blacks enough to hold a rally not in Minnesota where it happened, but someone coordinated this for Dallas Texas, and in that Republican State people are dead.........all because of Mark Dayton.

Ask yourself now, with all of that collusion and coordination, with Jesse Jackson once again appearing out of the shadows to attempt to smear President Election Donald Trump.......just what would it be worth to Hillary Clinton to have Mark Dayton perform this game changer?

You know what I mean, in what was the quid pro quo offered? What will Mark Dayton get for this crisis too good to waste which has taken Hamrod Clinton off the front page, along with Comey, Obama, and Muslims and Sodomite terrorists oh my.

Will Mark Dayton get a cabinet seat?

Will it be the Supreme Court?

Was it something as lowly as an ambassadorship?

We know the history of the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and all liberals, so as this all looks like Mark Dayton started this murder spree to save Hillary Clinton, and it now has.........just what will Mark Dayton be rewarded with for having more people murdered to protect the Clintons?

This all starts with Mark Dayton, so let us return to the Clinton crimes and demand an investigation into what contact Dayton had with the Obama regime and the Clinton campaign, as Mark Dayton is indicted for the murders in Dallas Texas, because when a video is blamed for Benghazi, the video of Dayton spiking this story of Philando Castile to the murder of Americans, that is a terrorism which Mark Dayton belongs in court over and when found guilty, facing a life sentence for his part in this.

The game changer out of Minnesota for Hillary Clinton and image Obama.

Let the investigations begin.

What did Hillary Clinton offer with Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Obama regime carte blanche, for the intrigue out of Minnesota to bring about the murders in Dallas Texas?

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