Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Mark of Kaine

she finally has a  man who won't cheat on her.

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Let us just face the fact that Hillary Clinton is an ETHNOPHOBE. Her choice of Tim Kaine reveals that the only dark meat she wants around is Huma her sex slave, and Tim Kaine speaking Spanish is as close as Mrs. Clinton wants those tan people near her.

There is a pattern in this, as WIKILEAKS has revealed that Hillary was researching Bernie Sanders religion, and according to the Clinton litmus test, she was going to attack Mr. Sanders in "not being Jewish enough".

The first choice of a Democratic Presidential Nominee says everything about them. John Kennedy picked the strength of Texas in Lyndon Johnson. LBJ picked the strength of Minnesota in Hubert Humphrey. Jimmy Carter returned again to Minnesota to strengthen him with Walter Mondale.
Bill Clinton picked the strength of Al Gore in the morals which Bill Clinton did not have, and Barack Obama picked the strength of the experience of Joe Biden, but when it came to Hillary Clinton, in a Democratic Revolution of Bernie Sanders..............she chose the weakness of running back to the era of the Prescott Bush liberal Republican, as these Rockefellers meld to GOP or DNC in which ever state they find they desire to rule, whether it be Arkansas, New York or Virginia.

That is what Tim Kaine is in being the rejected era from both the Donald Trump Republican Party and the Bernie Sanders Democratic Party.

Look at the Hillary Clinton convention. Tim Kaine speaks Spanish, as that is all the Latino she wants around her. When Hillary Clinton could have really been historic in choosing an all woman ticket, she instead obeyed her husband Bill, and picked the weak moderate that Bill could manipulate.
And who does Hillary Clinton have on stage? Black Lives Matter mothers, reinforcing the Obama message that Blacks have two purposes in life, to get shot by cops and be herded to vote for democrats, unleashing this murder on Blacks led by Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.

Hillary Clinton is just more of the same. Obama was the Designer Negro, because democrats could not have an American Black around and had to have this Chinese Negroid from Indonesia to be comfortable with, as much as the RHINO's on the right.

Tim Kaine is just more of the same symptom of Jim Webb. Yes Democrats soundly rejected Jim Webb and drove him from the primaries, so who does Hillary Clinton pick? A clone of Jim Webb from Virginia in Tim Kaine.

That is what is so utterly bizarre about this in Hillary Clinton picked a Republican with the same centrist views as all of the people Democrats loathe from Jeb and George Bush to Mitt Romney and John McCain.
Literally for Republicans to understand this, this would have been like Donald Trump picking that wacko ultra leftist Gary Johnson who hijacked the Libertarian party with that minder William Weld who is a globalist. That is who Tim Kaine is to Democracts, the literal George W. Bush to be President when Hillary Clinton succumbs to coughing up a lung.

How long do you think it will be before Rockefeller Romney Republican Hillary Clinton goes tits up and Bush Cruz Tim Kaine takes his place in the Oval Office, for more of this hideous Obama Wall Street rule in the same conglomerates serving up Blacks and Whites to genocide based on Mexican slave labor and Muslim terrorism.

We all should know that Hillary Clinton had her husband choose Tim Kaine, beyond the manipulation in Kaine will obey on the leash. It is more than Hillary's ETHNOPHOBIA to people of color coming out of the Huma closet to serve. Tim Kaine was chosen, because of Donald Trump.

This is the reason, in Donald Trump is adding Democrats to his voting ranks in huge numbers. Tim Kaine is supposed to be all those lies that Hillary Clinton can no longer pull off in being for working people who no longer have jobs. It comes to the point in if Democrats can not have a real Democrat in Elizabeth Warren, Democrats can not have a real Vice President in Bernie Sanders, that Donald Trump is the logical choice for Democrats, because Mr. Trump is speaking to the entire Sanders Warren base in making policies to give to them all the things Obama stole from them and Hillary Clinton is lying to them about again.

This is the Mark of Tim Kaine. Hillary Clinton having her husband choosing him, is a slap at all feminists and progressives, because it screams to the world that Hillary Clinton has thrown her foundations away, because she has a hollow core in absolutely no support from the working Democrats any more.

Why should working Democrats and Unions believe Hamrod though, because it was Bill Clinton who signed their lives away as President for the conglomerates. Just like feminists and progressives though, working Democrats are supposed to grasp Hillary Clinton "forgetfulness" as with FBI files and EMAILGATE and believe that the scrap of flesh of Tim Kaine is going to make up for 25 years of their lives destroyed and being replaced by Mexican slave labor.

The choice of Tim Kaine by Hillary Clinton means weakness. If Mrs. Clinton was strong she would have picked Bernie Sanders. If she was historical she would have chosen Elizabeth Warren. If she was progressive she would have picked a Castro Latino, but instead Hillary Clinton in her abject weakness, allowed her husband to make the big decision and pick Tim Kaine to try and save Mrs. Clinton's sinking candidacy.

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