Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz Now Attacking Texas Hispanic Republicans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had really hoped to have an end to Ted Cruz, but he keeps providing a most interesting hari kari, in it is not enough for him to commit political suicide, he has to find new inventive ways in death to slice off some new offensive part.

I am going to repeat a question on a statement this blog published long ago and the Cruz supporters all dismissed, but now in this current upheaval in numbers of them have become offended at the neo Cruz they are beholding, I am asking all of you to once again consider the fact that Ted Cruz is a CIA asset, whose main purpose was to hijack the Tea Party from Sarah Palin, demoralize that movement, and then the GOPliter billionaire fags of the cartel, funded his next mission which was to so sully the face of Conservatism, with this vile hatred and litmus tests of racism, all for the Bush fam purpose of finishing off the Reagan Revolution?

For those not ready to see this, I challenge each of you to provide then a reasonable solution beyond Ted Cruz is insane, for his staging thee most bizarre political suicide in political history?

Look at what Ted Cruz did, if he was supposedly the principled candidate looking toward 2020.

Ted Cruz went to the convention and antagonized the Trump majority which Cruz can not win even the nomination for President in 2020.

Ted Cruz in the most sadistic manner invaded a Texas family's grief over a terror event. Ask yourself if this was your husband, son, brother or father, would you like when your loved one or family suffers that kind of shock, would you like to be featured as a child in a political speech attacking a political rival?

Ted Cruz offended the billionaires and Adelson literally locked this sky box door on Cruz when Ted tried to gain entry after that horrendous attack on New York Delegates, Trump supporters and all Americans.

This Ted Cruz followed up with in a meeting with Texas Delegates where he doubled down on his booed performance, and viciously attacked a Hispanic voter who said America mattered more than Ted Cruz's hurt feelings.

Review the above. Ted Cruz attacked the Republican Party. Ted Cruz attacked the Republican majority. Ted Cruz offended the donors. Ted Cruz attacked Hispanics. Answer the question of 2020 in how do you win the nomination by offending 80% of the GOP base, offend Hispanics, offend donors and then expose the few people who have not fled your fanaticism to their absolute ruin, as these people now have to go back home and face a very irate public.

Add one more reality in this, if Hillary Clinton steals this election. This is all going to be blamed on Ted Cruz and his supporters......who have left a trail online of their malevolent posts for people to look up and remember.

So I ask again, why is  Ted Cruz destroying the face of Conservatism, and making it a fringe movement which no one wants a part of, because it is not building a majority as Ronald Reagan strove for.

I have always maintained that Ted Cruz is a stooge of the intelligensia left. His family has connections in Rafael Cruz was a Castro man in Cuba, somehow as a communist got into Texas, and after JFK was murdered, Rafael Cruz without any oil industry experience, ended up working for the Bush family in Canada on their Canadian rigs, getting him out of the country.

There is absolutely no denying that Ted Cruz destroyed himself and his followers. There has to be a reason why though beyond being a sociopath and delusional. His entire tact has been one of antagonize and divide.

I will address the latest Cruz cover in he is doing this because "his daddy and wife" were a political target. I can point you to Reverse Speech grabs of Ted Cruz speaking of Heidi in the very situation of these attacks and he calls her "That Little Bitch". I will submit to you, that the mentioning of Rafael and Heidi in the campaign has nothing to do with what Ted Cruz engaged in, and are only a cover, a ploy to divert from what his real purpose is and that real purpose is not 2020.

I mentioned earlier what Ted Cruz should have stated, and I will add to this in my 14 million dollar political script to help Ted Cruz.

Cruz as I have stated should have said he was wounded like many delegates by a hard campaign, and then he should have said this:

"My work in this campaign is not over. I will work for the America the people who voted for me strive to make great again. I will in the next months campaign with every candidate from Donald Trump to Dog Catcher, for our one goal of defeating Hillary Clinton and every opposition candidate.
In the Senate, I will craft every piece of legislation to Conservative principles from President Trump's White House to Senator Mitch McConnell's Senate.

I am a young man and work for 2016 and not 2020. Through experience and proving myself, I move to that year of 2024, after we have completed the entire Trump agenda of making America great again, to bring forward a new Cruz 2024 slogan of Making America the Greatest Ever."

Today the liberals would be defending Ted Cruz's hurts. Trump supporters would be agreeing that Ted Cruz manned up and was the equal of Donald Trump, instead of the entire population of America rejecting Ted Cruz forever as this whining malevolent troll who has some selfish agenda which is endangering all of us.

This has been a very hard campaign. I have been attacked viciously and often. Donald Trump has been savaged from Day One as has his wife. Mr. Trump has fought back and given most everyone the business who dared take a swipe at him. Yet in this we find that the real Americans are named Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Chris Christie and the fat little white boys of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich never gave a damn about America or any of the voters.

Ted Cruz has destroyed himself. He can do nothing in the Senate alone. He can not build a power base as no Congressional candidates will allow him to campaign with them, as he would hurt them. President Trump is not going to deal with Ted Cruz, not when he has principled Conservatives like Jeff Sessions and Tom Cotton who are trustworthy.

So what is Ted Cruz's future? I have stated that I highly doubt Goldman Sachs will allow Heidi Cruz back and will buy out her contract as the Cruz name is bad for business. Senator John Cornyn who is a Texan and runs the Senate campaign finance funds, is not going to provide any help in a Ted Cruz Senate run in 2018. The Billionaires are going to find some Tom Cotton to glom onto to donate to and not Ted Cruz.
That means that Democrats are looking in Texas to put forward a real American who will probably defeat Ted Cruz for that seat, as Ted Cruz drifts into political oblivion as his kind always does.

Tell me then how this is the face of principled Conservatism, and not something that looks exactly as it is, in a well plotted mission to accomplish exactly what Ted Cruz was hired for, and that was to vanquish Conservatism, and attempt to turn a Texas Republican seat in the Senate to Democrat again.

No one is going to want Ted Cruz around after this. No one is going to vote for him. That is the reality of Ted Cruz.

I sincerely hope this is the last time I have to post on this small man.