Friday, July 8, 2016

Ted Cruz still the Slimy Snake

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I fully realize the necessity of Reince Priebus as the go between in bringing Ted Cruz into the political tent for a more complete victory for Republicans against Hillary Clinton, but I also will give the Cruz voters an opening here to differentiate between themselves and Ted Cruz, because after the meeting between President Elect Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, Mr. Cruz issued the following statment:

"We had a positive and productive meeting this morning with Donald Trump. Donald asked me to speak at the Republican convention and I told him I'd be happy to do so," Cruz told reporters.

For the Cruz people how would you like it if Donald Trump had tweeted after this meeting, "Had a great meeting with Lyin' Ted". Would you be offended?

The point in this is is Ted Cruz SHOULD have if he was really on board to stop Hillary Clinton would have issued a statement as this:

"This morning, Chairman Reince Priebus brought the next President of the United States, Donald Trump together for a meeting, with myself, to join forces to defeat Hillary Clinton. Our next President graciously offered me the opportunity to speak at the Republican convention and I was delighted".

Whenever Ted Cruz uses the word "Donald" it was condescending and a stunt to make voters think Mr. Trump was childish and Mr. Cruz was the only adult in the room. For Ted Cruz to stoop to this was beyond disrespectful and is typical of  this slimy snake he was, is and always will be. He is going to be another John McCain sniping from the political shadows at George W. Bush to cause all of us immense problems.

Mr. Trump was once again magnanimous, generous and took another low blow sucker punch from Ted Cruz. For all of you Cruz cultists who think this is funny, just remember that EVERY Dallas shooter and every Pyongyang nuclear missile picked up this slight by Ted Cruz being an absolute ass again, and it conveys a non united front and an opening to attack America, and that means Americans like you dead.

Ted Cruz is what he is. There is not a Christian virtue nor Patriotic pulse in him. To the Cruz voters who defend this satanic and unAmerican diatribe of Ted Cruz, that is your choice, but it degrades each of you and it marks each of you for the contemptible and classless caste you are.

There is not any more Donald Trump, Donald, Don or anything else. There is only MR. TRUMP and President Elect Donald Trump, anything else is disrespectful and an assistance to the criminal Hillary Hamrod Clinton.............and Ted Cruz is damned aware of what he just did.

Senator Rafael Ted Cruz is still the slimy snake and with all that is against America, in the FBI is fully corrupt and the Obama regime is unleashing race war on Americans for their genocide, Ted Cruz is still putting his interests first, because that is the self centered sociopath Ted Cruz is.