Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Jolly Roger is No More


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry expresses it's absolutely consternation over the real crime in the Roger Ailes sexual predator law suit in is it sexual harassment after Megyn Kelly gets balled by men at FOX and gets ahead, sexually harassing Donald Trump, is it sexual harassment or prostitution on Megyn Kelly's part?

We all know that Roger Ailes was laughing at Ms. Kelly, so what could be better for Kelly to do than to lie again to get back at Ailes for Ted Cruz?

Now onto the real crime in this.


I have nothing against Gretchen Carlsen, except she is ugly. I mean Minnesota ugly, because I think that is where she made the big stage leap was from WCCO CBS in Minneapolis to FOX. It is this which the Lame Cherry is perplexed in why would Roger Ailes, when spectacular pieces of ass were around like.......


Well Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Now this is a woman who makes wood by the Amazon jungle pile.

Then there is Kieran Chetry, talk about the sex gun and she loads all six.


So why in this world would you ever want Gretchen Carlsen breathing on your balls? I mean, make me squirm and call me wormy, would any of you who had testicles or ovaries, want Megyn Kelly anywhere near your genitals, because the woman looks like a hyena who would chew them off just to do it.

Now do not get me wrong in I have no support for Roger Ailes. After he went Obama in 2008, kept that fag Shep Smith around, Juan Williams on faggot patrol, and smeared Donald Trump, I figure he is getting what he deserves for being a traitor......but all the same, as a woman, how do you rectify the bizarro imbalance factor in this, in you have Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Kieran Chetry around, and you are like Bill Clinton getting blow jobs from Monica.

This has to simply astound these women who were not approached, in knowing they are the hotties, and Roger Ailes just likes Nordic women who look like they cooked the kippers for the Vikings when on voyage for a decade. I mean how do you face the world or answer the questions, that Uncle Roger did not want you to play with little Jolly Roger.

I am reminded in this of a Hollywood tale where a Hollywood lech, before they days when producers were sticking their dicks up little boy butts, that one mogul banged everyone in Hollywood except this one man's wife. This couple took great offense at the offense and showed up at the producer's home demanding to know what was wrong with the wife...........in why she was never propositioned.

Then again, some women just have a "I will blow your fucking balls off" aura if you harass me. I could see that in Megyn Kelly seems like a ball biter, but would let Brit Hume put the wood to her during her menstruation and cycling around the wife's bike.........for a price.

It is all over now though. Uncle Roger is like Cosby, but with a package not in his pants, but retirement account, that Gretchen Carlsen can in her christianity collect from it, but not make donations to the poor.

I just sort of always figured in this modern age, that a smart woman would leave her smart phone on recording the harassment, and have a gun in her purse which she fully intended to use, and tell the male, "Look here you power pimp, I recorded all of this, my lawyer heard it all on the other end of the phone, and this gun is something I will use to blow you to hell, so this ends all this sex talk. Here's 10 dollars so you can go buy a Mexican alley whore to suck your dick and die."

That might help the women trying to figure out why they were the best looking, but never got  Uncle Roger to come on to them. It is all about what her ass meant, and your ass meant NO with a bang in the cylinder chamber, and other women's ass meant probably YES with a bang in bed chamber.


Seriously Roger?