Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Mastery of Donald Trump leader of the Democratic National Convention

Once again another exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter.

First, congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump for becoming the talking point in all leftist media, and getting into image Obama's brain in the image Obama speech at the DNC, in stating a fact that perhaps Russia has Hillary Clinton's missing emails as no one else can find them.

I would put this out there that the reason the media exploded over this, is the Hillary deleted emails in part were coordinating information with all the media outlets in their being fed talking points.

Now onto the real matter, in I heard David Brooks on PBS saying that Donald Trump offered a hostile power or enemy nation or something access to hack America........David Gregory on CNBC was ranting something about how dangerous this all was........

OK remind me here in the stories of was it not Hillary Clinton who presented the RESET button to Russia in new friendship with Russia?

OK was it not Birther Hussein Obama telling the Russians that he would be more flexible in giving Russia everything they wanted after the 2012 election theft?

So when did the ally of stopping the Syrian genocide in attacking ISIS with America, suddenly become this adversary who was Clinton and Obama's best friend?

It is so odd in Wikileaks was great when it was posting George W. Bush stuff, but when it posts Hillary Clinton is all of a sudden Russia's tampering in American elections.

Ah, shall we return to 1996 in the Clintons taking in Chicom money for their campaign in treason?

How about 1980 when Jimmy Carter asked the Soviets to ignore Ronald Reagan, as Carter would give them a better deal?

How about Obama running around and taking in 300 million dollars in terror oil money to his ACORN 2008 campaign from Muslims in making policy illegally with Palestinians and other Muslim states, which have now brought about the destruction of the Mideast?

I am trying to understand how Donald Trump in satire pointing out that Hillary Clinton is a treasonous fraud and Russia has been more pro American than the Obama regime, is a bad thing, when it is all the Truth.
I am trying to understand when Hillary Clinton invited every enemy in the world to use her private server, including emailing to this unsecure server while she was in foreign nations who were hacking her communications, is not dangerous, but Donald Trump supposedly is.

Donald Trump is genius. He alerted the media that he probably knows it is their emails which Mr. Putin is reading, and implicating the Obama media in the treachery they are still engaged in, in trying to smear Donald Trump.

The thing is, this all makes sense in Donald Trump keeps rising in the polls, as the Lame Cherry predicted in the more people see Hillary Clinton at the DNC. The liberals have this cancerous looking lump on the US Presidency and are trying to tell Americans it is a beauty mark, when it is something no Americans want any part of in Hillary Clinton.

So this really does not need to be addressed, except to note that the Democrats are now busy attacking Vladmir Putin, whom Americans love and are attacking Donald Trump, who Americans have chosen to be their President.

This all comes down to the moment of Leon Panetta on Wednesday night speech as the Sanders voters started screaming at him NO MORE WARS as Panetta was trying to trash Donald Trump.

It says it all.

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