Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Lame Cherry Time Lord

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not about predictions, but about the study of the matrix, as apparently the Lame Cherry is the only ship which sails this broth and wonders about the currents, storms, whirlpools and eddies in this entity, for it is a living, like a womb is a living thing in a birth canal, and the creature is in constant contraction birthing new time lines which is the word we are in.

This study or more observation, deals with Remote Viewer Dick Allgire of Hawaii. I have never had contact with any remote viewer who was not a bad experience. The unique thing about the the Allgire factor though is that he had witnessed the Nice truck terrorism and other events, perfectly, and pointed  to events of protests, fire bombs and attacking horses, which seemed to be pointing to Cleveland and a remorseful Donald Trump evacuated to New York.

I simply could not allow the Horse Officers to be assaulted to whatever interns Hillary Clinton deemed expendable, so as a pendulum of God, the time line was changed, and Cleveland simply dissipated, except for another eruption of Ted Cruz inciting violence.

I do not desire to call this the Cruz Factor, but I do consider this in the Bell Factor of Art Bell who asked if a hurricane is kept offshore could it be magnified by trying to save one area and thereby obliterating another area.
What I consider in this is the reality that in being utilized by God to stop Jeb Bush, did I in fact amplify a Cruz Factor of evil which was far more wearing to neutralize, as the energies of the Bush time line amplified like a storm in the Cruz opportunity evil time line.

As I type this on Tuesday, I wonder of Cleveland in saving the horses there, was it really Philadelphia and in my saving the horses there from Hillary assault, has another wave force begun generating?

At this point, it appears the Democrats in Philadelphia are a great deal of bark and a great deal of gnawing their own body parts off in Clinton suicide, so as long as the Cop Ponies are safe, that is what matters to me.  Again though, we have a factor in this, in the Lame Cherry by  God's Grace saving horses......actually has neutralized a great deal of the energy for fire bomb reasons.



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It is why I study a constant like Dick Allgire, because it is a reality that the time line has changed on CNN headlines by God's Grace. Now the projection out is what has this altered in other time lines, because Uncle Gordy has found a doowhap nuclear bomb, which is still a great deal of fuss for a bomb, but it is more like a non event and still difficult as it has a plutonium core......plutonium is created in a reactor, so that is the sort of thing one does not come up with easily.

The purpose of bringing this up is several days ago in exhaustion and a splitting Monsanto pollen headache, hints were given that Dick Allgire was seeing for August a regional type event of consequence. I began looking for Allgire's stream, but he is out of the stream so to speak. It is an odd thing the matrix in one enters it, and for reasons it does not behave as you want it to.
Your connection is your own and no one elses. In that though Allgire's group is so into making grooves in the time line, that they form slots in it, and sympathetic viewing will occur. In this instance, it seemed to indicate something very bad in a city, to the point of trucking supply being hindered. Jeff Rense only hinted at it for splash effect, so that was the "structure" I entered.

On first association with Allgire's time line, I entered an alternate time line, which is the one the matrix fixated on. What I found was unique, and whether one believes me or not, I do not have foreknowledge of conditions, so when I do back search for information, I am surprised the evidence in there.

I will be to the point in this, in the matrix off the Allgire current progressed to a volcanic event, of Mount Hood. There would not be a cinder or magma type eruption, but a poisonous gas. Hood is not exactly downtown Spokane so while there would be casualties there would not be the hazard Mr. Allgire was stating he viewed.
I am not stating that the Allgire time line is not a horizon point. I am stating that I was swept to another time line in August which was the prominent event.

This is where the data becomes interesting in I picked up the Hood event on August 22nd. That rather Steve Quaylish associate Stan Deyo who nothing has come to pass since he was flying sauces around in Australasia in the Art Bell era. was prattling on about Yellowstone basin having activity.
Yellowstone as much as the entire crust in that plate region has been under pressure. Inquiry points to an object incoming to the solar system. It appears behind the suppression of the sun and squeezing it too. The energy which is "space" is a field not understood, but it is according to Lame Cherry Doctrine more like a pentagon assembled soccer ball with liquid in it, which object interact like boats in the water with concussion waves.
Never mind as that is a different subject, but the point is, in exclusive Lame Cherry postings, this blog stated there would be more volcanic movement of magma, and it is taking place on schedule and will continue until this object's effect reach a focal point.

OK so Hood in the Allgire time line shows an August 22nd focal point. Interestingly when I added Uncle Gordy and his nuclear bombs, I did pick up August 27th events in Little Rock, KC, Topeka and Dallas. I am not stating that there will be nuclear detonations in America in the least. I am stating that in this matrix, someone has placed into the will process a targeting of these areas in their wish list. I state this that the Allgire event at this moment has become a vanishing point and did not reset. I am not stating that other events are not progressing to fill this space, like the Cruz Factor filling in with fury at Jeb Bush being neutralized.

In all reality, one would have to be God to understand this, because all of the super computers and that includes Baby and Apes could never project the all the outcomes and alternate factors once the time line is altered, as in ridding the American political scene of the Jeb and the Hamrod. There are cause and effects as this is Newtonian Law, as this is inside this dimension.

This is a live current observation post in what a glimpse inside the matrix is, and how it operates. I have not included wills, combined wills, furies and frustrations, and assenting to the order as everything affects this, but it never deviates from God's Will.
I do not know the energy of my pendulum effect. I realize fully that in God's Will that definitive changes can be carried out. This is never about me and is always about God. It is being on God's Will as that is the current which is the Master flow.

If I have time, I will probe this, but except for baby elk, bunny and deer I do not care about a Hood event which is or is not an event. I do not really care about nuclear events as long as they are in the cesspool they are designated for, and not a Putin overshot or undershot over  the pole which would fall on me.

People make their own choices and each choice adds up to an event. It is not the Asian butterfly wing effect causing a hurricane later, but it is more akin to perhaps a Cruz Effect of an event generated and regenerated. As we have witnessed though in the cancer of Cruz, that it just keeps eating everything until it eats itself to self destruction, so a whirlpool or black hole will generate and literally end itself.

I sincerely miss the journalism of John B. Wells and Art Bell, as they offered stories and insights which were like Star Trek in inspiring the mind to new revelations. For me remote viewing is interesting, but the fascinating part for me is the matrix, this living entity and the complexity of it as every thing from a rock to a human is associated with this current of energy which is so very dynamic and becoming more so as it enters these end times in all of these shockwaves of evil penetrating it in major events daily.

I am not a time lord. I do not believe I would care to be one either. I am  though a sort of navigator in this current and am learning how this "home" is as it is a strange environment like being a mother's womb with a tempest inside it.
This is for education though, so those who are outside it to gain some insights to what it is and what it is not. It is a wonderful thing really, almost like an elastic living nerve pulsing forward at light speed.

What is tomorrow's today  is not always what tomorrow's yesterday said the event would be.

- Lame Cherry

Everyone wants to be always right, but unless it is from the Holy Ghost in God given Prophecy, it is never that way, because it is God's Will generating that time line. We often see the time line we are being swept to, but often someone elses time line sweeps us to another horizon point and the point we see vanishes.

That is the definite.